The Essential Guide to Yoni Eggs.

Via Emily McBurnie
on Jun 18, 2017
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To Yoni Egg or not to Yoni Egg?

This seems to be a big question for many women.

It was this time last year, summer solstice at a Kundalini Festival in New Mexico, when I had my first encounter with an “egg.”

My friend was charging hers up on the yoga mat, and I pointed at the small, velvet bag and said, “What’s in there?” She explained it was her jade, crystal Yoni Egg that she had bought in Cambodia.

I first thought it was a sex toy of some sort, but after months of researching and many more months of practice, I have to tell you that the Yoni Egg has way more power than I could have ever imagined. It is essential for every woman.

I have to admit, it freaked me out at first. I had so many questions. What if it gets stuck? How do I know what size or crystal type? Can I have intercourse with it in?

These questions, it seems, are very common for first time eggers.

Finding your egg is the first step. Mine was staring at me from the yoga supply stall of a sweet Peruvian girl called Miracles. A small, black obsidian crystal that seemed to whisper, “You are my mama.” But I was on a mountain in the desert with no ATM and just enough cash to get a taxi to the airport. Sadly, it was not meant to be.

Fast forward a few months, and I was on my first pilgrimage to Rishikesh, in Northern India to attend a teacher training with the Queen of Kundalini, Gurmuck. The night before I flew from my home in Bali, I had a feeling Miracles was going to be at the same ashram and questioned whether she would bring my egg. It sounds ridiculous, right? Miracles lives in Peru, six flights and 42 hours away from India.

The next afternoon as I was checking into the Parmath Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, guess who was walking down the path to the yoga studio, but Miracles! She stopped me and said, “I knew you would be here; I brought your Yoni Egg with me!” It was totally meant to be.

Every day during Kundalini training, I charged that Yoni Egg on my yoga mat. Charging it during yoga practice gives it energy and a higher vibration. Then I blessed her in the Ganges river. Each full and new moon, I bathed her in the moonlight to give her power. I buried her in the earth in Bali when I arrived home. I washed her in sea water from Chengi Desa, the clear waters between Bali and Lombok where David Bowie was laid to rest.

To say she was ready was a understatement. The trouble was I was not ready, I was terrified of that thing!

Eventually, I bit the bullet and told my partner I was going on a six month yoni healing journey. No intercourse for the duration. He had gone to Canada for a month, and I was ready to go for it.

The first time I used the egg, I freaked out. Shortly after inserting it, I panicked. Big time. I was in Bali with no gynecologist. What the hell was I thinking? How would I translate to an Indonesia doctor that I had a crystal egg stuck up my vajayjay?

I had heard stories that sometimes the eggs do not want to come out in the morning and that you have to lay them like a hen. Lying in bed that night, surrounded by roosters ironically, I had to listen to their crows and try not to imagine what I would have to do to get that Yoni Egg out in the morning. I would be clacking along with my neighbours.

Fear, by the way, is one of the worst things when using a Yoni Egg. You need to relax and enjoy the experience. Self pleasure is one of the big things lacking in a woman’s life. A vibrator gives you a quick fix but cannot be sustained and ruins our body’s natural ability to achieve orgasm. Vibrators have way too much power and produce unnaturally fast orgasms.

Crystals have a vibration and each stone has its own healing property. The Yoni Egg should be used to achieve orgasm and then inserted upside down. The first time I used the egg, I felt the power of the obsidian go straight to my crown chakra. It was wild.

The next morning, I had no trouble getting it out. It plonked out as I went to the bathroom. I did however, feel like I had done a thousand sit ups, as my pelvic floor worked hard all night to keep it in. Yoni Eggs are a weapon against sanitary pads for the elderly.

Women in Peru do not use adult diapers, because they have Yoni Eggs. This in itself is a huge factor, for the environment, for dignity, and for pelvic floor health.

After the six month healing was finished, I felt relieved to be able to have intercourse, but also proud of myself for overcoming my fear. Incontinence is not uncommon in our late 30s and 40s, especially after vaginal birth. In my case, I had two 10 pound babies naturally!

Now I promote Yoni Eggs in all of my yoga retreats and classes. There are even special Yoni Egg classes, workshops, and even a womb whisperer who gives you techniques and exercises for the Yoni Egg.

Here are some tips passed down from Peruvian healers:

Eggs come in many different crystals and three sizes. The smaller the egg the harder your pelvic floor has to work.

Darker crystals are more powerful and recommended for sacral issues and sexual trauma. Jade and Quartz, among others, are more heart-centred.

Bury your egg in the earth. It needs to be grounded. Place a stick on top of where you dig as they like to sink deep down into the depths.

After a few days, retrieve your egg and bathe it in salt water. Ocean water is amazing, but good old sea salt will do. A lukewarm salt bath is best for crystals.

Use the pointy edge of the egg to achieve orgasm. You can get creative here, but remember this is a solo effort. Some journeys have to be taken alone. Once you have achieved orgasm, insert your Yoni Egg tip pointed down. Don’t be concerned if you don’t get there, as long as you are really relaxed, it is fine. The premise is to get to know your egg and yourself better.

Eggs are to be used at night only. This is where the pelvic floor can really get to work. Yoni Eggs are not sex toys, they are for deep healing. If the egg really doesn’t want to come out it is okay to keep it in for up to five days.

Please do not be afraid. This is absolutely the worst thing you can do. We have all been for a pap test and know what happens when we tense up. Relax, relax, relax.

Notice the sensations when your body takes the egg. Breathe into the experience.

Do not let anyone touch your Yoni Egg. Keep it in a pouch, and only take it out for the full and new moon chargings.

Do not use your Yoni Egg when you are menstruating. Resume once your moon cycle has finished.

You can buy crystals with strings or chains drilled in them, but it is best to experience the egg fully intact. Eggs should be smooth and evenly shaped with no bumps or chips.

After the six month healing, reconnect sometimes. You will have a special bond with your Yoni Egg and you will know when you are ready for some more healing.

Yoni Eggs are available in any good crystal stores and online. The cost depends on the value of the crystal—anywhere from $20-$75 U.S.

Enjoy your Yoni Healing journey!




Author: Emily McBurnie
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