July 19, 2017

Future Lover: This is Why I am Alone. {Poem}

Dear Future Lover,

I am grateful to have the courage to choose aloneness
When my emotions are confused
A temptress wanting to seek company and hide in the encounter
Avoiding the overwhelm of feeling

I am grateful to understand that your absence
Is inviting me to grow in the aloneness
Not loneliness, but solitude

An invitation to grow
In the space where I am one with God
Myself, my emotions, and my body

A place where my questions turn into my answers
A place where finally there is silence and I dare to listen
A place without any judgment where I can trust

In this timeless place, space is filled with greatness
Breath turns into the grace
That perpetuates the living

In this spaceless place, thoughts and emotions turn into gratefulness
I become an awakened mind
Having a beautiful experience

There is no mindless ramble
There is no question, no doubt, no concern, or hatred
There is no dark, no light, no sadness, or sacredness,
But an all-encompassing knowing
That I am oneness

I turn inward my awareness to soak in this knowing,
To bathe in this depth of being
To sink bottomless into the abyss of existence

One day, maybe, my love, my growth will be together
With you, my never-present lover.

But today, I accept the invitation of aloneness

Author: Layla Khadri
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Danielle Beutell
Copy Editor: Callie Rushton
Social Editor: 

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