August 3, 2017

For my Sacred Sisters who are Healing from Shame.

This is for the women who have been brave enough to share their stories with me. Thank you, sacred sisters, for inspiring me and for contributing to the words I have to say.


My Sacred Body

I have been made a fool.
I have been vilified, scrutinized, demoralized.
I have been permissive, promiscuous, passive.
I have been pillaged.
I have been entered without permission.
I have been shamed.
I have been made to feel guilty for desire, want, and sex.
I have been religioned until my eyes bled.
I have been thought of as lesser than.
I have been torn apart from the inside out.
I have been shunned for inappropriate conduct.
And I have let it all rest on my broad shoulders.
I have been told that this is strength.
To take the beating…
Who in their right mind thought it was okay to beat?
When did society grow a taste for oppression that served their sex,
yet tainted my sheets with the same greed for power over the divinity of my Sacred Body.
I have allowed my sacredness to be twisted into pop culture’s version
of what it means to be a liberated feminist.
An angry feminist.
A provocative feminist.
Yet, I do not see my nature in the images that are splashed all over the media.
I do not see a representation of the Divine Mother.
Of Holy Grace.
Of Mother Earth.
Of Intuitive Healer.
Of Great Nurturer.
Of sacred, of sacred, of sacred, of sacred, of sacred, of sacred, of sacred, of sacred, of sacred…
This is why we rage in the night as our bodies are splayed for pleasure,
yet I did not give permission to be objectified into a fabric that has been woven
to silence the wildness of who I am.
Of my birthright, that with each month I shed in shame, never being told that my shedding is Life.
Life that grows life within the vessels of my womb.
Life that nourishes with the suppleness of my breasts.
Life that feeds our children.
Life that birthed through me.
I bring life into the earth that is walked upon, and yet my being is still not seen as sacred.
Still, I watch my body shamed over and over again.
I am taking this from my shoulders, and I am bringing this into my Divine Nature.
This is the strength that may be hard to understand, but it is what has been coursing through the blood of my veins since the beginning of time.
This is what I know.
This is what I believe.
This is what I am.
I am a giver of the most beautiful life.
I am the wisdom that breathes words into your ears.
I am the whisper that caresses the hurt in your heart.
I am the wild woman who runs hard and fast to embrace you in my arms as your tiny feet sweep up into the air,
and all delight awakens your soul.
I am Divine Mother.
I am aware now that only through the love of our feminine nature can we heal our planet.
My strength rests in my ability to love the unlovable. 
This monumental change rests within the trust I form with my body.
For too long, I gave this vessel into arms that could never understand its sacredness.
For too long, I have let the distrust that was built between me and my intuition go on.
For too long, the unity of sisterhood has been tainted.
I am taking her back.
I am not participating in what may look like liberation but is just another cage.
She is as sacred as my Soul.
She is as sacred as my Soul.
She teaches me an inner wisdom that feels more like a knowing than a learning.
She is my body and I adore her, not because she fits into a mold
but because her being cannot be contained by any -archy that would try to overshadow her.
She is bright like the morning sun and as mysterious as the new moon.
She is a body that can swell,
that can change form,
that can carry life,
that can silence a room…
She is infinite, and in all her forms, she is oh so lovely.
She is indescribable.
And yes, she is to be revered, for in her lives a source of intuition that is wise and knowing,
whether grey haired or with the glow of the morning dew.
She is intuitive since birth, so do not silence her.
Let her explore her being in all the ways that delight her soul.
Take care of her.
Adore her.
Trust her.
See her as a sacred gift, and watch as all life blossoms around her.



Author: Cassie Jeans
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Nicole Cameron
Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Social Editor: Taia Butler

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Read 4 comments and reply

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