August 19, 2017

Spiritual Warriors—Stop Apologizing For Your “Woo.”

A few weeks ago, I sat in meditation and received a clear and profound message from my higher guidance.

It blazed through my entire mind, body, and heart like lightning—resonating deeply within me.

The message was simple and to the point: to really make a difference in the world, I must stop apologizing for my connection to the Divine and all the things that I consider to be spiritual.

Openly sharing my spiritual gifts and beliefs with the world has been a daunting process. In full transparency, it’s been easier for me to just filter my words and world views than it has to come right out and say them.

It became clear once receiving this divine message that my days of filtering and apologizing for being spiritual are rendered obsolete. It’s time to stop beating around the bush.

I’ve connected with many conscious and spiritual beings in the years. I know that a large part of our personal and professional struggle has been to fully share who we are and what we’re a stand for—openly and with conviction.

It can feel edgy showing the world who we really are. Fear paralyzes our full expression and spiritual gifts in their tracks.

Not everyone “gets” this journey. There are plenty of skeptics. Pessimists. People who will judge and resist what we’re sharing. I’ve had plenty of my own fears come up around revealing the depths of my soul—especially on social media.

Years ago, I was viciously attacked on social media after posting a piece of writing with an image that was uplifting and inspiring. At the time, I had just begun expressing my spirituality online. You can imagine my surprise when someone I barely knew, hiding behind their computer screen, came at me for no apparent reason.

I was deflated. I felt hurt and angry that someone would do that to me. All I wanted to do was spread a positive message into the world and brighten up someone’s day. I remember, for quite some time, feeling deeply affected by this. I didn’t feel safe to post anything polarizing or to share the depths of my personal growth and spiritual transformation publicly.

Eventually, though, I had to move past it. I couldn’t deny my soul’s journey and path anymore. I decided that I had to keep sharing my thoughts and feelings with the world.

But on some level, I still hid. I held back. I bit my tongue. I was afraid of “rocking the boat” or getting into conflict around my beliefs. It felt easier to avoid sharing my opinions than to challenge someone.

Instead, I only shared my gifts with those that were “like me” or were paying me for my services. So I played it safe—both online and in “real life.”

And even though I was fulfilling a part of my divine plan, I still allowed my fear to control me. I didn’t want to be attacked again for my beliefs. I was scared of offending people. I didn’t want to be judged or labeled “weird” for the path I had chosen.

After receiving this divine message, it became clear to me that in order to really affect change and create positive impact on this planet, we have to be willing to face our fears and stand powerfully in who we are and what we’re here to create without holding back.

For those who are changemakers, visionaries, peacemakers, consciousness shifters, workers, and warriors of light—know we are here to help heal and transition this planet forward.

I am lovingly inviting you out of hiding and any holding back.

Now is the time.

Our dreams, visions, and desires for each other and our planet can’t just be lip service or a part of our visualization practices any longer. We can’t just talk about it with people who we think will agree or merely share it within our like-minded communities.

It’s time to quit apologizing for what may be considered “woo-woo.”

Those who are ready will listen.

If there is any adversity, allow it to fan the fires of your soul and your purpose for being here. We all have a choice to either let it get to us and bring us down, or to lift us up and encourage us to courageously move forward.

We are infinitely supported in becoming the fullest expression of who we’re here to be. So get out there. Keep your heart open. Inspire others to be themselves. Be pleasantly surprised. Stand tall and proud of who you are and what you’re here to do. Be you fully. Allow your gifts to flow out into the world, especially to those who are ready to receive them.

There are many people praying for us and our guidance. They can’t see us or find us when we’re playing small, hiding out in our homes or communities, and getting stuck in our head living in fear.

I can’t do this alone.

We need each other to really do what we’ve all come here to do. To play our roles out fully in transitioning the planet to a higher level of consciousness.

Let’s take this on as a team and make a dent in humanity’s consciousness while celebrating our “woo” and all things spiritual.


Author: Vanessa Petronelli
Image: Tiko Giorgadze/Unsplash
Editor: Danielle Beutell
Copy Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Social Editor: Sara Karpanan

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