Ayurveda’s Best-Kept Healing and Beauty Secret.

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This is a post written by The Ayurveda Experience—an elephant partner. We’re honored to work with anyone who is this dedicated to helping us de-stress, improve circulation, balance our three dosha energies, and mostly just refresh and calm ourselves after a long, busy day. ~ Ed.


Ayurveda’s best-kept healing and beauty secret takes a mere 20 minutes to reveal a more youthful, de-stressed, and glowing face.

Be it the story of Patti Schipani, who shared this on social media:

“Believe me when I say, this thing does make you look years younger. It’s like photoshopping your real face. No lie. I’m 57 so I have plenty of wrinkles to try it on.”

…or the story of Angelika Hilden, who said:

“They work, I can assure you. The results are great so far. I found a reduction of lines and wrinkles after the very first treatment. They also have a truly detoxing effect, often on only one side of the face (usually the right side). The relaxing effect is almost instant and I can feel the meridian and the lymphatic system stimulation. Quite amazing!”

…this Ayurvedic tool has done wonders for thousands of natural beauty and wellness seekers. From tackling signs of aging, to de-stressing the body and mind and unifying it with the soul, this Superman of a tool does it all.

Ayurveda’s biggest healing and beauty secret, this tool has traveled down from generations and nations—coming all the way from the traditional Ayurvedic practices in India. Considered Ayurveda’s best revealed therapy, this wand is instant nirvana.

The fascinating Kansa Wand helps you relax, de-stress, and gives your face an overall lift in just minutes. You can practically feel the tension ebbing away and the crease lines easing out as you slowly and firmly massage yourself with this wand. And ah! the relief that it gives! Pure heaven.

Watch how you can perform a Kansa Massage!


The fascinating story behind this tool:

The Ayurvedic secret lies in the traditional Indian practice of massage and marma therapy as well as the effectiveness of what is locally revered as the “healing metal of India,” the metal “Kansa”—a unique version of bronze made by blending pure copper and tin in a fixed ratio. The legendary healing prowess of this metal was discovered decades ago when it was used to reduce heat or pitta in the body.

While this comes as an eye-opener to the modern cosmetic and medical sciences, Ayurveda has, for ages, used the metal in the form of a Kansa Vataki bowl for its deeply therapeutic and cooling benefits.

What others have experienced:

Charlotte Davis has been going gaga over the Kansa and why not? Getting it home was the best choice she’s made in a while. In Charlotte’s words:

“I am enjoying this product! I have been using it for several weeks and definitely notice a difference in my skin texture. I have aging skin, sun damage, and winter dryness. My skin already feels smoother and clearer since I began massaging with jojoba oil and the Kansa Wand. Several friends have commented on how healthy my complexion looks. I highly recommend this to anyone with similar skin issues. I am very, very pleased with this purchase. Thank you so much!”

Isabella Page adds to the excitement around this super tool. She cannot get over her flawless skin that has become the envy of all around her. She says:

“I bought the Kansa Wand to help with tension headaches as I grind my teeth through the night. The Kansa Wand is a wee miracle worker in this respect! No more headaches even though I still grind my teeth. I certainly do recommend the Kansa Wand to everyone who suffers from tension headaches. I use the wand in the evening when I’m watching the telly, it’s comfortable, relaxing and easy to use. My skin has certainly improved and I have had quite a few compliments regarding my complexion. I am 65 and will continue to use the wand for a long time.”

These are not mere testimonials—they are badges of trust in a product that has helped innumerable people around the world with its profound rejuvenating qualities.

You can write to us at [email protected] and we would be happy to share details of the miraculous journey of other users with the Kansa.

Seventeen ways the Kansa Wand treats you to a slice of heaven:

Yes, seventeen! That’s how incredibly out of the world the Kansa is. Think we are exaggerating? Well, count along!

The Kansa Wand comes in three sizes:

>> Small Face Wand
>> Medium Face and Body Wand
>> Large Foot Wand

Customized for massaging specific parts of the body, these wands reach areas of the body that we usually find it difficult to access, and fit in so snugly and smoothly, they seem to be tailor-made only for you. (That’s three ways so far!)

The small Kansa Face Wand glides over the face, effectively erasing fine lines and stress lines and bringing life to a dull skin. Even better if used with a therapeutic essential oil, a massage with this tool facilities effective circulation in the face and detoxifies the skin, endowing it with a natural glow all would be envious of. (And that brings us up to nine ways!)

The medium Kansa Face and Body wand, which can be used both on the face and the body, is sheer bliss. It is absolutely the best gift that Ayurveda could give to mankind—pleasurable, calming, and extremely rejuvenating, a massage with this wand can give the best spas a run for their money. Helping clear the mind and soothe the body, this wand lulls you into a deep, relaxing, satisfying sleep. (We’re getting close! Fifteen ways now!)

And finally, the large Kansa Foot Wand is just the thing your tired, aching feet need. After an exhausting day at work, wherein you have punished your feet to no extent—in your newest peeptoes, or after walking several blocks—what could be better than a pleasurable, relaxing massage with the foot wand? Reaching all the hidden nooks and crannies of your foot, fitting in like a perfect match, this wand is like the mother of all pedicures. (And that makes it seventeen heavenly reasons we all need a Kansa Wand!)

Did you think this was all?

To read about the seven unique ways the new Kansa Wand will not only lift your face up, but also awaken the subtle energies of your mind and body, click here.

So, why use it?

The Kansa Wand works miracles on:

>> Dull, tired, lackluster face
>> Signs of aging
>> Appearance of stress-lines
>> Stressed-out muscles
>> Tiredness
>> Lack of energy
>> Feelings of anxiety, unexplained sadness
>> Stiff body parts
>> Foot pain along the arch of foot
>> Pain in the center of foot and heels
>> Tired feet
>> Hard and rough feet

Watch here how a Kansa massage can work wonders.

What’s the catch?

One might think, with so many benefits, variations, and a massage experience as good as that of any spa, there has to be a catch with this tool. Either it is going to be cruel to the pocket, or would need constant charging, or maybe it comes with a disclaimer that is as long as a booklet.

But here’s the deal: There is no catch!

The Kansa Wand does not use electricity, batteries, or any kind of radiation, is absolutely chemical-free and completely safe, and comes at a cost many times less than your average spa. This tool, from the ancient land of India, is all pleasure and no pain—just the thing you need to get for yourself and for your family.


How to know your if your tool is authentic?

Be sure to get the tools from the authentic source of the original Kansa Wand—The Ayurveda Experience. Just like anything that is effective and popular, you may encounter versions of these wands at several places online. However, The Ayurveda Experience’s original Kansa Wand will only be available here, will come sealed in a vacuum-pack and packaged in a beautiful box, will use lab-tested metal, and will carry a 100 percent satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

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