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Burn Wounds Left By Lesser Men. {Adult Poem}

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Burn my soul, he cried—

Show me what it’s like to be
The water rolled up in your tide
I’ll ride your crests
Gently slide hands across your breasts
Lower, lower
Slower, slower
With this throbbing girth
Unto your castle, my seed gives birth
Drinking, lapping, tongues collapsing
All day fasting
Now we meet
Energy fields dance then greet
Invite me in to feel your heat
Fire, Fire
Higher, Higher 
In this space between
Lovers feast, she his Queen
Souls revealed, crystalized mystique
Bodies reach primal peak
Screams of pure delight
Carry with them heavenly flight
Yes, yes, take me higher
Angels sing, anoint, universal choir
Two souls cosmically intertwined
Pelvic thrusts god-like, rubies mined
Skin coated in 14-karat gold
Wings of flight have taken hold
Inside her, pushing deeper, deeper
Chakras spinning, lighthouse keeper
Light her up, sing her song
Vibrations emitting hard and long
Now cool her down, hold her tight
All past sins you did rewrite
Love marks delicately placed on skin
Erase wounds left by lesser men



e.e. cummings’ Electric Fur. {Sex Poems 1/10}

Lie on Me. {Adult Poem}


Author: Sarah Martin
Image: Pixabay 
Editor: Catherine Monkman
Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Social Editor: Taia Butler

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About Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin speaks and writes from the soul, pieces reflecting all the various seasons of our lives, and she uses words to give color to this beautiful, wild life. She loves sharing her fiercely honest insights with the world, but make no mistake about it, her writing isn’t pretty—it’s raw and messy just like her hair. She believes we all have dormant desires and a fire burning inside of us, and she coaches people using her highly effective system called Worthy and Well-thy. Please follow her on FacebookInstagram, and her blog for more inspiration and cat lady photos.


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