October 16, 2017

Are You Scared of Being Awesome? I am.

Here is what I know: you are awesome.

How do I know this? Because humans are simply amazing. We are smart, creative, innovative, savvy, compassionate, hilarious, and overall awesome—as in awe-inspiring.

However, it is not easy to reveal our awesomeness to the world for the basic reason that humans are also jerks.

As a society, we are awful at respecting other people’s awesomeness. We are jealous, mean, criticizing, and like to pick apart people who are brave enough to reveal their awesomeness to others.

And this sucks; it really does. But it is also reality—and it isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

It is one of the soul challenges we are all up against, the challenge of sharing our amazing gifts with a world that may or may not appreciate and respect them. This is a risk. But it is a risk we must take.

Waiting until we are positive it will be safe for us to share our passions and skills with the rest of the world is the best way to stall our own greatness.

It will never be safe!

We just have to share what we know, what we love, and what we believe with the rest of the world amidst the uncertainty that we will get a positive response.

We just have to do it.

Because we are awesome!

Take a look at the clips below to see some examples of awesome people acknowledging their critics, and getting on with the task of sharing who they are with the world, anyway.





Author: Ruth Lera
Image: YouTube still
Editor: Travis May
Copy Editor: Danielle Beutell
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis


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Ruth Lera

Ruth Lera is a mindfulness meditation teacher, energy healer, natural intuitive, writer, boreal forest loiterer, and author of the book Walking the Soul Path; An Energetic Guide to Being Human.

She is also the creator of the Self Healing Community an online portal for tapping into your innate healing abilities.

Besides being a regular contributor for Elephant Journal, Ruth shares her thoughts on energy healing and the universe on her blog, Facebook page, and Twitter.