October 23, 2017

For the Dreamers: This is How we Take Back the Light.

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This is dedicated to the people who desire to bring revolution, light, and dramatic change—through art and mindful action—into a world that can be dark and heavy with suffering.


For the believers
in odes and musicals,
for the entertainers
of whimsy and horror-shows.
For the whisky drinkers,
the spirit shakers,
the moon tasters,
the undertakers.
For the ones made of glitter—
sparkle on brightly,
for we need your shine.

For we all are breathless,
feel the hunger of
change and revolutions,
see the magic
within the ocean caves
of our aching souls
burning bright
in the night
of the hero and the queen.

For we are the circus act,
the music,
the reader and the written,
the overture and the undercurrent
of the blank page,
the new dawn,
the age for us.
We will take back the light
for this is the age of dreamers.



Dreamers May. {Poem}

A Manifesto for the Witches, Queens & Goddesses who Stand Alone.


Author: Megan Coleman
Image: Flickr; Instagram @allymortlock
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy editor: Danielle Beutell
Social editor: Waylon Lewis

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