October 18, 2017

New Moon in Libra: Harmony’s Dance.

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The new moon in Libra occurs on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 1:11 p.m. MST.

This new moon directly opposes the wild, spontaneous planet of Uranus, creating potential for unusual, unexpected breakthroughs in the areas of relating and connecting.

Flash intuitive insights may be increasingly available. While some may call this new moon “anxiety provoking,” due to its frenetic pace—there is ingenuity and creative potential for us to push through some of the stagnant plateaus and dry spells which may have befallen us in various segments of our lives.

All new moons herald a new beginning, a new chapter, and a new phase in our walk upon this earth.

What new intentions will you plant?

Libra sings:

“I relate, mirror, and reflect back that which I perceive before me.”

“I connect, witness, listen, and lean in to you, seeking to understand the messages you send.”

“I harmonize and blend with the song you sing to me.”

“I engage in the flow of give and take.”

“I anticipate your actions and respond in kind.”

“I see both sides of the story and attempt to find the middle ground.”

“In exploring the extreme polarities, I seek balance.”

“I uncover and create new ways to beautify the world.”

This air sign rules over communication, listening and receiving, peacemaking, and negotiating. It seeks to be fairness and justice. Libra serves as the domain of relationship and the inclination to connect.

Questions for the new moon:

1. How can I create and embody more beauty in my life?

2. Where am I out of balance—and how might this reflect certain compensatory inclinations to fuel avoidance of other areas of my life that require attention? Where is the path toward a greater sense of equilibrium?

3. How does my desire to please or pacify others take me out of alignment with my individual truth?

4. How can I cultivate a more unbiased, fair-minded perspective as I interface with the multitudes of perspectives that surround me?

5. How can I cooperate and mediate to bring greater peace and understanding to myself, my community, and the world at large?

6. How does my ambivalent nature sabotage my forward growth?

7. Where does my tendency to procrastinate reflect real difficulty in making strong choices for my life?

8. In what ways do I endorse inauthenticity by being overly compromising to appease others or by engaging in passive-aggressive behaviors to manage my affairs?

9. “What is my relationship to conflict? How do I mindfully traverse the terrain of engaging with another whose values, beliefs, and/or ways of being are diametrically opposed to my own?”

Basic action steps:

Beautification reigns supreme with the new moon in Libra. Here lies the desire to connect to that which warms and soothes the senses, the mind, and the spirit. With the new moon in Libra, we raise our vibration to attune to the elements in our world we appreciate, in order to create more of that beauty.

In our home or workplace, we may be inclined to create a more lovely living or working environment from which to dwell and draw inspiration. Within ourselves, we may seek to embody more beautiful ways of dressing or behaving, cultivating more kindness in our responses to ourselves or one another.

Libra energy entertains the extremities and can often be found wildly out of balance. A fresh new state of equilibrium is called for if we can identify the polarities, what we may be avoiding in this behavior, and begin to pull back into a more moderated way of being.

This new moon also suggests the cultivation of a broader, more fair-minded perspective to the workings of our lives. If we have become entrenched in our own thoughts and ideas as reigning king, the invitation is to loosen our attachment to our personal perspective, so that we might listen and hear the thoughts, wants, and needs of others. Should we step into their perspective in our mind’s eye and attentive ear, we may see and hear something wholly different from our own experience. This energy contains within it the capacity to build bridges that may be previously assumed to be burnt to the ground. But in the lending of our hand to meet the other, we can create a new space where all parties can be witnessed in their respective truths.



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