October 17, 2017

The Day I Forgot I was going to India.

The other day a friend of mine asked me if I was excited to be traveling to India in a few weeks.

I looked at her with a blank stare and said, “I forgot about that!”

To paint the whole scenario, we were in the midst of my moving day. My husband and I had just purchased a home and were moving after a lifetime of renting.

My time had become immersed with sorting through the material possessions of the past 35 years and 10 years in the same residence. Night after night, after the hours of work were done, my husband and I would embark on the task of, “Do you want this?” and, “This is very fragile.”

Isn’t it funny how one event in our lives can completely consume us? Our focus can be so in the moment that the surrounding details seem like clouds in the sky.

I sat down and contemplated all the movements and changes that were going on. Not just in the move or the trip, but the next chapter of life.

I thought about the powerful words of the farewell blessing song in Kundalini yoga.

“May the long time sun

Shine upon you,

All love surround you,

And the pure light within you

Guide your way on.”

I have bowed at the end of yoga classes and said these words, but never have they rung with so much meaning as during this departure period of welcoming the new.

I was no longer a young woman living in an up and coming trendy city. This new stage is one that sometimes slips by unnoticed.

When we look back over the milestones of our lives, from the first day of school to the day we leave home for life on our own, the minutes, seconds, and hours in between get blended in the mural of life.

So now, the boxes are all in, and the floors of our past home have been swept.

The time now is onto visas, tickets, and plans for the trip of a lifetime while also placing pictures on walls and books upon new shelves.

Follow the light, which will guide you.


Author: Tiffany Parker
Image: @elephantjournal Instagram 
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Copy Editor: Callie Rushton
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