November 2, 2017

A call for Humanity to Meet Fire with Fire.


Our World is Dying—It’s time to Wake Up.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. boldly stood up to the flames of hate while bringing light to dark facets of society. Countless leaders act in bravery to stir awakenings on a grand scale. Like those who have walked before us, we must contribute to change.

Now is the time for continued action. Tragedies are igniting all over the world. Hate crimes and social injustices remain present in our country. Brothers and sisters are murdered in acts of malice. Natural disasters are on the rise. Catastrophes are occurring as we are unable to fully embody our truth.

Our world is dying and we need to wake up.

In October of 2017, fire raged across Sonoma County, California. Thousands of homes were disintegrated. Loved ones perished in flames, unable to escape disaster. The San Francisco bay area was enveloped in a thick layer of darkness, smoke, and debris. Our community was cloaked in disparity. Children were called out of school. It became difficult to breathe.

In the midst of chaos and destruction, people of the San Francisco Bay Area stepped up to serve their community in remarkable ways. Evacuation centers received an outpouring of freely donated love and generosity. Firefighters, nurses, and physicians placed their lives in jeopardy to secure the safety of others. Even more astonishing, those who lost their homes and all personal possessions took action in service as well. A fire of mass destruction met the flames of passion, birthed from radical expressions love and self sacrifice.

Our planet requires the power of kindness to initiate healing and soothe flares of calamity. This power lies within us. We are the leaders. Although we may not be giving speeches from behind podiums, it is our responsibility to take a stand against the destruction in our daily lives. For too long we have ignored the tender wounds of the world. We do not have time to wait. This is a direct message to all of humanity.

We must meet fire with fire. This does not mean that we combat animosity with fury. We cannot exert our energy in fighting hatred with its equal. Flames of fear will only fuel this fire and we will not win.

We must meet destruction with the power of unconditional love and service. Now is the time for unwavering faith and swift action. We hold within ourselves a divinity more powerful than fear.

It is time to consciously create a shift on the planet while blazing the world in love.

Collectively, we can shift the energy that is present in the world today. Here are four ways to directly cultivate change:

Growth: We begin with ourselves.

Now is the time for radical healing and growth en masse. Today, we have a responsibility to boldly travel to the dark places within ourselves that hold our fears. We no longer hold the leisure of comfortable recluse. It is time to illuminate our shadows. We must step into our light so that we can share with and assist others.

Awareness: Education.

It is time to learn. We must become aware of the social injustices occurring in our country and around the world. We begin this process by researching how to get involved in local activist groups. What is happening outside the borders of our country—and how can we help?

We can sustain the earth by learning more about the impact of our daily habits on climate change. What foods are we feeding ourselves and how did they get to our homes? What changes can we make to reduce energy consumption?

Taking Action: Involvement.

It’s time to call out the insanities of social injustice that occur in our neighborhoods and homes. Now is the time to acknowledge these hardships and actively shift the paradigm with love. It’s time to speak out and take action.

Every voice matters.

It is time to combat climate change. To become conscious consumers, both financially and physically. Now is the time to reconcile the suffering brought to this planet with grace.

Making a Difference: Pursuing Our Passions.

We must not hold back. At this time, it is crucial that we find what lights our soul on fire and run to it. We must be aware of our individuality within the collective—every decision we make has an impact.

Every action we take is a vessel for either fear or love.

Now more than ever we need to flood this world with love profoundly rooted in forgiveness and compassion. What we individually bring to this life holds importance, and our passions will fuel inexhaustible change.

We are alive on this planet for specific reason.

Now is our time.

Let’s step into the power and brilliance of our light and meet fire with fire.


Author: Brianna Perkins
Image:  Unsplash
Editor: Jen Schwartz
Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman

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