February 16, 2018

Yesterday I Died. {Poem}

Yesterday I died.

Yesterday my momma cried.
It’s not fair God, why?

You see I was smart and popular. I played sports, and I got good grades. I had a loving family.
I had so many plans.
I saw everyone dismiss his behavior because of his past, but we knew the truth; we knew he
needed help.

I didn’t bully, didn’t make fun, and didn’t want to die.
It’s not fair, so why God, why?

Mom, you told me to be kind, and I tried, really, I tried.
Dad, you taught me to be brave, but today I cried.

As I laid there dying, know I had so many plans.
I saw that boy who killed me; saw the death in his eyes.
He was hurting and unstable, but I knew he could be saved.
See, I wanted to be a doctor to help set him free.

I had so many plans. So why God, why?
Why do people bully?
Why do people not see the ill before the kill?

My time has ended. It’s not fair that he gets to live when I don’t—I know.
I don’t understand why he did this, but more, I don’t understand why things aren’t changing,
when the blood of the victims is staining.
Staining in schools, churches, and theaters.
So why aren’t things changing?

I don’t know why I had to die, but I hope I’ll forever be a lesson of things we took for naught.
I pray you see the need, before the news has to read another creed.

I pray you make a difference.
I pray you see the darkness, and I pray you remember me.

I was gonna be a doctor, now I’ll never be…


**Dedicated to the 17 lives lost at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Febuary 14, 2018.
May you rest in peace but may your memory wage war on the mental health crisis.


Author: Sarah Tabb
Image: Pixabay 
Editor: Kenni Linden
Copy Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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