March 22, 2018

3 Ways to Build a Lasting Relationship. {Partner}


This is a post written in collaboration with 1440 Multiversity, an Elephant partner—we’re honored to work with anyone this dedicated to holding space for the conversations that matter and enjoying, restoring, and reenergizing ourselves as we have them. ~ Ed.

“Relationships…they are your story. Write well, and edit often.” ~ Esther Perel


Modern love is damn hard.

Especially when it comes to long-term love.

In the past, long-term relationships didn’t necessarily mean love; they meant marriage, and marriage was primarily a financial arrangement to ensure security and heirs.

Today, most of us are either in or looking for a long-term relationship purely for love. And whether or not we choose to marry, we still seek out the same things from our partnerships that marriage has traditionally offered us: security and fidelity, but with a modern layer of autonomy and freedom.

On top of this, we want romance. We want excitement and intimacy and passion—for life, and we’re living longer than ever.

In short, we’re asking more of our relationships than ever before.

And we’re sold a lot of ideas about how they should be, from the time we are children and read fairy tales, to the time we are adults and consume media. And yet, we never formally learn how to cultivate the kinds of successful, happy, authentic relationships we seek, especially in the context of the hectic, complex lives we live today.

Most of us don’t even know where to start in our relationship with ourselves (let alone another person) because we’ve never really been taught how, the way we were taught to do math or spell. And yet this is an equally foundational part of our lives as the math and spelling.

If we want to cultivate nourishing, authentic, supportive relationships, especially long-term, we need to learn how to nurture ourselves so that we can show up for one another in our relationships.

The kind of real and fulfilling heart-mind-body intimacy we crave only comes from full awareness and mindful presence.

At 1440 Multiversity, we’re dedicated to holding space for the kind of deep-level experiential learning that’ll help us live our truest lives, and cultivate our most authentic relationships.

Discover 1440 Multiversity

1440 is a place for the real and raw conversations that matter, a place where we give ourselves permission to be present and dig deeper in our lives—to find truth and meaning.

We believe there is great power in immersion learning—setting aside daily urgencies and dedicating uninterrupted time and energy to focus on our more important, but often more elusive, priorities. And learning to be in strong, meaningful, and authentic relationships—with ourselves, with each other, and with the world around us—is perhaps the most important work we can do.

So, it makes sense to give ourselves permission to take the time we need to do it.

Named for the number of minutes in a day—each an opportunity to be aware and alive—we are the nation’s newest learning destination. But this is not the kind of learning that’s about cramming our heads with more information, and it’s not about self-improvement either—this is about holding space for self-discovery.

1440 Multiversity’s goal is to help each of us craft and live more integrated lives, in one of the most beautiful, nourishing settings on Earth, the Redwood forests of California, near Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley, within easy reach of San Francisco.

We have a wide range of programs on offer, but there are three in particular, coming up in May and June, that go right to the heart of love in the modern world.

These three programs give you a chance to dive deep into the nature of your relationships, under the guidance of world-class experts, and in the fully immersive and restorative environment of our spectacular campus.

1. From Heartache to Wholeness, May 18—20th, 2018

Though romantic love can appear to come with the promise that it will last, and that you will never again be left lonely, lost, or afraid, those promises are also often broken. When they are, the pain can be unbearable. But pain can also lead us to astonishing breakthroughs.

This program is about turning a painful breakup into a new beginning. It offers a blueprint to hope, healing, and happiness after heartbreak.

Katherine Woodward Thomas MA, MFT, David Kessler, and Paul Denniston, RYT 500, three exceptional teachers in the arenas of love, loss, and grief will lead this life-affirming weekend at 1440 Multiversity.

Their workshop will help you:

  • Have a loving experience of grief.
  • Shift your perspective from one of resentment and personal failure to one of opportunity and personal power.
  • Recognize emotional pain in the body—using yoga to release and heal emotional wounds.
  • Evolve beyond your old painful patterns in love, so you can move forward with hope, healing, and happiness after heartbreak.
  • Harness your pain as a catalyst for a wholehearted awakening to smile, laugh, and love again—discover how to restore your heart to wholeness.

Find out more or register

This course offers an opportunity to master practices that strengthen our resilience in the face of heartache, betrayal, and loss. It gives us tools to confront uncomfortable feelings of grief and resentment so we can move forward and love again. And it teaches us how to take a mind-body-spirit approach to dealing with pain so that our healing is holistic and long-term.

2. Radiant Intimacy, May 25—28th, 2018

We all long for love. We long to be intimately connected to others and ourselves. For some, a partnership or marriage is the natural outcome of this longing. Others find alternative styles of intimacy more fulfilling. For most of us, love and sexuality can be complex and confusing.

Radiant intimacy is an emerging field of exploration bringing awareness to the topics of relationships, sexuality, and love.


This innovative program is anchored by the inimitable Esther Perel, one of the most insightful and original voices on modern relationshipsknown for her bracing realness and willingness to explore the places we all think about but are uncomfortable to talk about.

Esther, along with a consortium of leading scientists, authors, and teachers will guide you through an experiential weekend of workshops designed to expand your understanding of intimacy and what neuroscience can teach us about love, intimacy, and how to express and integrate these within a spiritual path.

You will explore:

  • Attachment styles and their effects on relationships.
  • Shadow elements within a relationship, and how early developmental trauma can impact our capacity for relating.
  • How sexuality and sexual energy—an essential life force—can open us to the experience of our true nature and the unity consciousness.
  • The evolution and future of human sexuality, love, and relationships.
  • Tools you can use in your daily life to create and sustain deeply fulfilling relationships with life, yourself, and others.

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This course helps us learn how to break outdated paradigms for relationships and sexuality in order to create relationships that are more aligned with who we are and with our deepest desires.

3. Getting the Love You Want, June 1st-3rd, 2018

Lay the foundation for creating the thriving relationship you have always wanted together. This workshop for couples—new and old, in crisis or in love, and married or unmarried—has helped thousands worldwide move from an unconscious to a conscious relationship, rediscover safety, sustain deep connection, and experience joyful aliveness.

Viewing couplehood as a spiritual path, as you engage in the experiences of this weekend, you will discover the innate healing power of connection and the profound spiritual potential in your intimate partnership.

Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD—New York Times best-selling coauthors of 10 books, and the teachers Oprah says saved her marriage—will guide you through:

  • Proven concepts and tools that work in real-life relationships.
  • New ways to talk that remove negativity.
  • How your relationship can heal the wounds of childhood.
  • Caring behaviors that transform any relationship into an instrument of healing and growth.
  • New approaches to old issues and a shared vision for where you are heading—with the tools to take you there.

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This course gives couples the chance to tune into the profound growth opportunities that our relationships offer so we can move forward together in the direction we want to go. It teaches proven methods for transforming our relationships into ones of healing, support, and deep connection. We learn how to enhance the compassion in our relationships in order to lift each of us up toward our highest potential.

Modern love is damn hard, but it can also be deeply fulfilling—if we allow ourselves the time and space to re-discover who we are and re-build the kinds of relationships that will nourish us and those we love.

Give yourself permission to grow, and plant the seeds fora long, healthy relationships that meet your needs and enhance your joy—in and out of love, with 1440 Multiversity.

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