April 28, 2018

I disagree with this Instagram post…by Elephant Journal. ~ Waylon Lewis

This post does not fully represent our values. It needs context.

We value gentleness, quiet, silence, meditation, hikes, not yelling, and we value apologizing, taking responsibility.

In other contexts, however, it is a virtue to make our voices heard, to be joyful, exuberant, and to not care what others may think, but to follow our values of kindness and empathy no matter what.

But the larger story is a fun one: Elephant doesn’t agree with every article we publish. Elephant is not here to represent my views, or yours, or any one person’s views. We are here to create mindful, thoughtful dialogue around issues that matter—and to have some fun doing so.

Elephant is not me. We are not one voice, we are a community. We are you, and you, too. We are she, and he, and them, too. All of us, together. So we do not always get it right. We disagree with one another. But we must always do so respectfully, with openness about our concerns and values and why we’re worked up about something. It does little good, merely, to raise our voices if we are hiding our hearts.

Down the other path lies…madness. 

Partisanship is our national malady. Our sickness. I am a Democrat, but if and when a Republican or Independent is right, I cheer her or him on. If and when we or I are wrong, we and I must say so. There is a higher loyalty, and that is that we are all in this together and our values must drive the bus: liberty, equality, justice for all vs. the unending aggressive pressures of greed, lies, and invective.

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