April 23, 2018

Quiz: what’s more fun than owning a big house full of Everything?

Pop Quiz: what’s more fun than being Rich?

The time is always right to do what is right.

Martin Luther King, Jr., said that. It’s true.

And yet, we don’t. We do what is right when it’s convenient. But we only change the inertia, the direction of society when we do the right thing when it’s hard. That feeling of inconvenience…that is us, swimming upstream. That is us, changing the karma of our town, home, country, or planet.

Today, I was Amtraking down from Seattle to Portland (I’m writing this from Powell’s…my first time here….yes, I’m on cloud nine). Amtrak serves only plastic bottles of water. I hate plastic bottles of water, but I accepted them. There’s no drinking fountain. While I’d had a lot to drink out of the water fountain at the lovingly restored King’s Street Station in Seattle (wow, it’s good to see the commonwealth invested in, instead of leached)…it was a long ride, and I was thirsty, and I never bring my own water (I always enjoy stuff for-here). So, I’d effed up. I did the wrong thing. I created plastic that will never, ever, ever go away. It’ll wind up in the ocean, most likely (recycling is spotty at best and a toxic process, and the plastic degrades, anyways).

That said, recycling plastic, when it happens, if put to good use—say a basketball park or streets or, you know, Timberlands…is a good thing.

There’s always opportunities to redeem ourselves, and heal our planet. Whether it’s eating real unprocessed food, simply (see the video I did recently on our big Instagram, from the bathroom of Cafe Flora, about Michael Pollan’s food rules, which are inscribed there), while sitting down, hopefully in the company of others…or working to make real food available to those living in food deserts, doing the right thing is a calling for our generation—whatever your age.

The world needs us, and participating, swimming upstream—it’s harder, but it’s more meaningful, and it’s more fun that ignoring suffering and challenges and holing up in any gated community, no matter how well-gilded.

Go get ’em—


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