June 30, 2018

If you have a Period, you really Need to Know about This. {Partner}


This post is via our Mindful Partners over at The DivaCup. We’re honored to work with them—they are dedicated to helping us have healthy, informed, plastic free periods. Who wouldn’t want that? ~ ed.


This is where self-care meets giving a care.

Chances are, you or someone you know is menstruating.

In North America, close to 85 million people experience a monthly period. The person next to you in the café, your cubicle mate, sister, boss, your Uber driver… menstruators are everywhere.

If you had to guess how much your annual menstrual care product waste equated to, would the amount surprise you? What about the amount after 20 years? How much do you think someone spends on menstrual care products in one year, five years or even 10 years?

As a life-long environmentalist, I’ve been concerned with how much waste I’d produce each time I had my period. All those wrappers, applicators, pads, tampons, and packaging going to a landfill each month really bothered me. I’ve been so happy and comfortable with the DivaCup. I’m so proud of myself for making this change and thankful for DivaCup for making it so easy and comfortable. ~ Kaprice

Ready for this?

In a lifetime, the average menstruating person will use between 12,000 and 15,000 pads, tampons and panty liners, which is equal to about 300 pounds of waste. Additionally, each year, the average person spends $150-$200 on disposable menstrual products. And over a lifetime, you can spend up to $5,000 on period care alone.

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I don’t know about you, but there are many other things that I’d rather spend $5,000 on.

The truth is, when we talk about our eco footprint, we give very little attention to period care. Menstruation has long been thought to be an out of sight, out of mind experience—and caring for your period follows a similar mantra.

But a taboo subject for centuries is now taking center stage. Something exciting is happening… and it’s actually something that has benefits for everyone, even those who don’t need menstrual care products on a monthly basis.

It’s been happening for a while now, dating back to the 1930s.

We’re talking about the movement for menstrual equity and plastic free periods.

The popularity of reusables like the DivaCup began in the early 2000s. Chances are people you know use the product and have already joined the movement, and you can too. No application required, all that’s needed is an open mind and willingness to make the change from using disposables to reusables.

No matter how much you try to resist it (why resist?!), the shift to reusable menstrual care products has arrived, and it’s here to stay.

After being frustrated with pad and tampon use for eight years, I stumbled across a review for the DivaCup. I loved that it would reduce the waste created by disposable products, I was sold! I bought The DivaCup at my local drug store, and I’ve been using it without worrying about leaks!  ~ Chloe

This shift is changing how people view and care for their period and has forever changed the relationship we have with our bodies and the planet.

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Products like the DivaCup are challenging the menstrual status quo, disrupting an entire industry rooted in undisclosed ingredient listings, production practices, and inefficient waste management systems.

It’s a cause worth joining.

Rather than exposing your body to harmful chemicals, plastics and dyes, and then disposing of these into our ecosystem (which by the way doesn’t really biodegrade, but rather breaks down into smaller pieces, year after year), you can try something different, something better.

Think about it, everyone is affected by menstrual product waste.

For those who have not yet heard of the DivaCup, here’s a quick intro: the DivaCup is a reusable silicone menstrual cup that collects, rather than absorbs your menstrual flow. Offering up to 12 hours of leak-free protection, the DivaCup is easy-to-use and because it is reusable, can be used month after month, saving you money and the planet.

Yes, you read that right: you can wear the DivaCup for up to 12 hours at a time.

This means you can go your whole work day or school day without changing product, travel abroad without worry, hike a trail, lounge at the beach, sleep through the night…all without thinking about your period. Simply wash your DivaCup 2-3 times a day with warm water and mild soap, then reinsert.

The DivaCup let’s you do life without the worry of routine bathroom breaks or concern of product disposal.

“With the DivaCup always by my side, I’m ready to continue living my active life style of surfing, climbing, biking, and sailing string free!” ~ Natalie 

In addition to all these wonderful benefits, the DivaCup teaches you a fair bit about your period.

Why is this important?

If you have a period, you need to know what’s really going on because:

a) You can make sure everything is working the way it should.
b) Knowledge is power.

The DivaCup has flow measure lines that show you how much you flow each cycle. This is a helpful insight as changes in your flow can say a lot about your overall health.

That said, by learning more about your flow changes you become the expert on you, which empowers you to advocate for your health and well-being.

Lastly, the DivaCup gives you a feeling of accomplishment for the greater good of the planet. Rather than throwing out all those tampon applicators and wrappers, you can feel confident that those around you won’t be exposed to the chemicals in the plastics as they breakdown in landfills or waterways and that wildlife won’t be disrupted or harmed by them.

>> Enter for a Chance to Win the DivaCup <<

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