July 14, 2018

A Poem for the Lovers we Connect with but cannot Explain.

Life is about connecting and loving—it is why we are here.

Each connection and love that becomes a part of our soul does not have a lifetime guarantee, nor do they have a special purpose, other than to connect with us and to love.

There are people who we connect with that we can’t explain. They are pivot points on the lines of our life, changing us and bringing out the parts of us that we may not have known existed.

We may not be destined to be with these people throughout our lives, but they will transform something inside of us forever. However, they are not ordinary, these people who change us—perhaps they teach us a lesson or awaken something inside of us.

Perhaps they anger us or bring to the surface pain that we have long buried inside. Maybe they show us what we truly desire in ourselves. Perhaps they put a mirror in front of our souls and show us the parts we have trouble accepting. Maybe they break through every wall we have erected to protect ourselves.

They could be the love of our life or the most sorrowful heartbreak we have ever experienced, taking a part of us with them wherever their journey in life takes them.

Their kisses and emotions and words leave marks, and sometimes scars, on the parts of our soul that may not be touched by anyone else.

They are part of our life story. They are part of our becoming. They make us question, love, rage, examine, embrace, and learn.

Whatever their purpose is, these lovers will leave an imprint on our souls forever.


No Ordinary Lover

I loved you under the Strawberry moon tonight

And after it was over, you were gone.

Our love is not an ordinary love;

methodical, monotonous, and full of routine rituals.

No bland breakfast banters or wanton waiting for time to pass.

A stolen kiss, wandering hands, and gentle eyes

You leave handprints on my soul as you gently caress my skin.

Nowhere have we been together that doesn’t defy all rhyme and reason

For you hold me in the space between now and tomorrow.

Time is suspended in the world we create

With just one look from your eyes that penetrate my soul…I am gone

For together we are diving into an uncertain future

Every moment created blends into the moments before

until time has passed and dissolved into the beauty of forever.

And we are not ordinary lovers,

for you make me believe in an eternity that I abandoned when I was reborn.



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author: Stephanie Parry

Image: Javier Rubín Grassa

Editor: Sara Kärpänen