July 12, 2018

The One Thing we can do Today to Get out of our Funk.

Every reasonable-minded person knows that life is never easy—at least not all the time.

Sure, we all have those periods when everything seems to fall into place perfectly. We pay a $40 bill and a check for $45 mysteriously shows up in our mailbox. We suffer a breakup and before we know it, we’re falling in love all over again; we have a horrendous day at work and the next we’re being applauded for our performance. These are undoubtedly wonderful times.

We also have those times when we keep trying to get back into the groove and nothing seems to work. We try to meditate and spend the whole time bugging out over one thing or another—or we go through the motions of trying to accomplish our dreams and goals, but we know in the back of our minds that we are doing just that—going through the motions.

The difference between the first set and second set of scenarios I’ve laid out comes down to when we are operating at high frequency or when we are low frequency. Now without losing myself in a tangent of magical thinking and straight up woo-woo, allow me to explain. At the most basic level, the law of attraction is always either working for us or against us.

Think about those people you know on social media who just post one negative, sad, heartbreaking post after another. Do they spend a lot of time whistling their way through life with everything going their way all the time? Most likely not. If you perpetuate this type of vibe in your feed and in your life, this is inevitably going to be your reality.

I am not suggesting that in the midst of our world, such as it is today, we all become “Pollyannas” with a firm set of blinders on our temples—but there is something to the practice of staying high frequency that I know helps us to be more helpful to others and generally more effective in whatever we are doing. So, if you feel like you have tried everything, then it certainly would not hurt you to try the following suggestion to raise your frequency and get out of your funkadelic quagmire.

Go 24 hours without complaining about anything.

That means even to yourself. This is not an easy task. A lot of us may have already mastered the art of not bitching to everyone around us, but if we pay attention to the noise in our heads after someone cuts us off in traffic or we are assigned something unenviable at work, a lot of times we’ll notice that we are complaining quite a bit—even if it is silently and just to ourselves. I bring this up because I did it recently, to the best of my ability, and I have to say that I found myself singing along to the radio at the end of the day.

Not a big deal, I know, but my circumstances did not really warrant singing. I was right in the middle of some unpleasantness with a member of the opposite sex and all signs pointed to my being affected in all the areas of my life as a result of this disagreeable reality. Suffice it to say that being gifted with the unexpected ability to transcend this situation, which normally would have weighed me down with quite a bit of ballast, was totally worth the price of admission.

Being as impressed as I was with the mood I stayed in right until bedtime, my initial plan was to follow up with the same course of action the very next day. I will admit, I did not have as much success. Where, in the first day, I was able to shut the complaining and negativity down instantly, it was more like an unruly child the next day. This difficulty was very instructive, though. It showed me the marked difference between my experience in life one way and then another way.

So, I went at it again on the third day—and I was successful. Once again, the day just brought all kinds of positive results. It left me with the wisdom to now know that we obviously cannot expect to change our entire lives in one day—but if we put the effort in to trying consistently, we can make a tangible difference in our overall quality of life.

So, take the challenge! It also sounded goofy to me at first—but as I said, the results impressed me enough to feel compelled to spread the word. It works if you work it. So by all means, work it!



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Read 4 comments and reply

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