November 27, 2018

3 Dating “Superskills” for the Conscious Woman. {Partner}

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Feminine power is fiercer than ever.

Smart, conscious, gifted women have done a tremendous amount of personal and spiritual growth to get here.

And, yes, there is a lot that still needs to change—but many of us are already living our dreams in many ways. We are working in meaningful careers, traveling more, surrounding ourselves with wonderful, supportive friends, and doing “the work” every day toward achieving our ultimate goals.

So why is it millions of us are still feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled in love?

What exactly is getting in our way to finding a partner who can meet us on every level, and create a meaningful, loving relationship?

First, let’s be clear here: as smart, spiritual women, we don’t need a partner. We can get by just fine on our own, but on a path of personal growth and spiritual development, there’s no greater catalyst for healing and transformation than having a mutually loving and respectful relationship.

And deep in our hearts, many of us do want a special person to share our lives with. It’s icing on the cake!

So, here’s the good news—there is a breakthrough approach that works for conscious women.

Conscious women today seek different things in a mate than previous generations: we want someone who will love us unconditionally for who we are right now and support us fiercely as we continue to evolve toward the best version of ourselves possible.

And we’re right there, ready to do the same for the right person, of course.

We want a safe place to land at the end of a hard day, someone to share our wins with, and someone who is also there when life gets rough. We want someone who can be a full partner in all areas of life, whom we can respect and count on for advice and emotional support, whose happiness is as important to us as our own.

Research shows that having this kind of partnership where we feel this depth of love and life-long commitment couldn’t be more important—in fact, it is the #1 key to happiness, health, well-being, longevity, and thriving in all areas of our lives.

But one of the key reasons we get stuck is that when we heed career advice to “lean in” in the workplace, we can find ourselves too busy or too stressed to date—or even too intimidating to many men! Not to mention the plethora of online dating sites which can be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes downright disgusting to navigate.

What we need is a new set of dating “superskills”:

It’s all about learning three key, clear, specific superskills.

Click here to discover the three dating superskills all conscious women need.

These will help us navigate the dating world, recognize mistakes that have been keeping us stuck, and make shifts that will ensure success in attracting the kind of partner we want and need.

One of these skills is learning how to sort through prospects and how to show up in the context of dating.

Beliefs and patterns that keep us stuck:

It’s crucial to identify and release the old beliefs that most commonly block conscious women from having the love we deserve. Once you do this, you naturally become magnetic to the right partner. You probably already have a sense of what these might be, but when you dig in it may surprise you what you’re actually telling yourself about love.

A powerful shift:

There’s also an important shift conscious women can make to feel powerful and feminine without needing to dim down their light, so they can attract a man who is able to see them and meet them where they are.

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