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December 10, 2018

Are You a Member of the “Be Here Now” Club?

It’s amusing, how easy it is to jump in and chant along with all the other spiritualists and conscious evolutionists that “all is one,” “this moment is the only moment,” “be here now,” and all the rest of it.

Amusing why? Two reasons: One, because we’re so in love with these concepts. And yet—two—because most of us squirm and fail miserably when we actually attempt to put them into practice.

Oh, I’m not talking about those moments when you just happen to find yourself in some kind of rare Nirvanic bliss-like state; or even when you’re just having a normal good day. It’s easy to “embrace what is” and “just be” when we like how a particular moment or day is going.

But when we’re sick, hurt, tired, angry, depressed and any number of other not-so-pleasant states, how many of us are truly committed to walking the walk and letting the moment in just as it is, without resisting it, trying to push it away or immediately attempting to force and manipulate the situation to our satisfaction?

The truth is, we like to imagine that if we’re really “here” and “now,” nothing will bother us. Isn’t that why we joined the “Be Here Now Club” in the first place? We figure, all I have to do is ground into this moment and everything will be harmonious and peaceful (even if it’s not)—right? And if it doesn’t feel good, then I must not be doing it quite right.

If we really thought “be here now” literally meant be here now, fully, with this really particularly crappy hurt—be it physical or emotional—or with a jumpy, restless overactive mind, or with a really irritating person—without any promise that the situation will improve, how many of us would still want to audition for the “be here now” choir?

Sure, we get the concept. It feels nice and is certainly easy to throw such phrases around. But when the pedal hits the metal, do we sit and let those less than pleasant moments have their way with us? Or do we fight, struggle and resist them to the end?


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