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December 23, 2018

How to Make it Ok, after a Breakup

“Just moments after the breakup

you stare across the expanse

past the passion that ravaged you and asked you to leave.

Everything you knew to be true is now unrecognizable and it washes up on shore.


You want more than ever to feel beautiful.


You gaze at the azure blue like jewels

but note the flow is rough with edges left in shipwreck,

pieces of mountain taken down by lack of faith,

and I love you’s clinging to broken suitcases.

But it’s authentic, it’s yours, and there’s more.


You believe you’ll get through by saying I love you

to your life.  You get up and begin again.

It’s a new day and whales and all that you want

sing in a distance you are learning to be intimate with

because your breath connects you with everything

when you let it.  Your fear won’t stop you

so you plop in the sand and make an angel in the wake

trusting the change to be your chance you choose to make something of it.

You raise yourself as the mermaid you are

determined to live freely, fully, beautifully

beside the dolphin angels and friends you’re about to make.

You promise yourself to take time for magic every day, and make it so.

You know how to do this now

you’ve got your flow and glow on

and a song in your heart, the song of the sea.


You dreamed of this moment as a child

when you would go beyond the limits of

the world they taught you, to a world

so wildly creative it catches you each time you fall

and crash.  So you can laugh even in your grief.

You can relax and reel with all that’s real

and not always know the way to go.

Your intuition, like music will pull you past the ache.

It’s crazy, really, the amazing way

your sweat already heals you. 

Your tears free you.  Your heart

leads you to this shining place

you wouldn’t trade for anything~

A place of pearl and moon

where you are her, mer

made of salt, heart, and stars.


Yes.  This is the moment after heartbreak

where you come home to yourself

and know it’s ok and incandescent

as you dance just as you are.”  


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