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December 6, 2018

Like It Or Not: The Revolution Is Near

“Most people I know aren’t evil people. 

But most people don’t realise that their daily choices support evil.” 

—Gary Yourofsky

“”But where danger is, grows
The saving power also.” 

—Friedrich Holderlin

Let’s face it, humanity is in some radically deep and pungent manure at the moment. 

The scale of the inner and outer conflicts ravaging our world is staggering. Stress, anxiety, addiction, distraction and depression despoil the inner landscape, while the spread of harmful human impacts on the living planet is careering towards catastrophe.

As a global civilisation we teeter simultaneously on several knife-edges of potential annihilation—nuclear conflict, climate collapse, global ecological disaster.

It’s a wonder that any of us can function at all with even a peripheral awareness of these existential threats eating away at our basic sense of security. I applaud us all for our inner resilience in the face of the shocking reality in which we live.

Yes, we practice mindfulness, or we shut down, or we focus on work and getting by or getting on top, or we immerse in the sweetness or drama of family attachments and romantic involvements, or we shake or dance or write our emotions through, or we distract ourselves in the consumer carnival and lose ourselves in trivial entertainment, or we self-medicate with alcohol or cacao or opiates… of course we do. How else would we cope?

But even so, I find it hard to understand how so many of us are managing to endure the excruciating business-as-usual iniquity of modern life—the casual, everyday poisoning of our hearts, our children and our planet with the toxicity of what civilisation has become. Almost every action we perform and everything we consume is adding to the exploitation of someone somewhere and furthering the destruction of the natural world. How do we continue to bear the insidious evil of the system we are each and every day participating in? 

Seems to me it can’t go on for much longer.

Yes, great technical advances have raised the quality of life for billions of people in first world countries. In many ways we who enjoy those advances are very fortunate. But most of us know now that these advances have come at huge cost not only to the rest of the global community of life, both human and more-than-human, but also to we who are privileged to enjoy them. They have been bought at extravagant cost to our own base-line of well-being. Even here in the glorious West, where I live, very few of us seem genuinely happy in this strangely destructive world of plastic convenience we have consented to trade for our more authentic sources of well-being: access to land, dignified work, a just society. How is it that we continue to participate? Why aren’t we refusing to go along with it? 

The recent protests in France which succeeded in forcing the government to drop intended fuel-tax rises, and which may go on to instigate wider social reforms, demonstrate the power that a people have when united. So I wonder why we aren’t rising up as a global civilisation to demand a more beautiful world, a more equitable distribution of wealth and resources, responsible government, an end to the threat of nuclear disaster, more ecologically sensitive economics?

Gulliver bows his head to the Lilliputians, despite his ability to sweep their whole court away with a brush of his hand. But not for much longer.

Thankfully, it’s slowly dawning on increasing numbers of people how un-conducive the modern world is to both human and planetary well-being. Blind complicity is becoming less and less possible. Distraction from the horrors our current system is causing is less and less effective. It’s increasingly clear to everyone that the emperor hasn’t got any clothes on, and in his nakedness he can be seen for what he is: a psychopathic tyrant. The glamour is fading out of the old stories woven to mask this. Consequently, the groundswell of discontent is growing.

Somewhere not far underground, just beneath the skein of everyday reality, the matrix is broken. It is no longer generating new power. Only it’s accumulated reserves of influence allow it to continue to ensnare us in lives of wage-slavery and consumer stupefaction. And those reserves are dissipating.

In the next few years we’ll be seeing some major uprisings. Like the workers walking out en masse to protest not only their working conditions but the unethical policies of their companies—such as happened at Google in November, involving 20,000 employees—, the French ‘gilets jaunes’ protests, the international civil-disobedience movement Extinction Rebellion, more and more of us will be rising up to disrupt the reality which are serving none but the elite. People fed up with being exploited to make others stinking rich and having their children’s future jeopardised to make others secure in their undeserved power are going to start demanding back their right to live in a reasonably fair and relatively safe world.

Yes, thankfully we are very powerful when united, and we are preparing to realise that power. When enough of us demand an end to the global hijacking of our basic rights then that is what we’ll get. It could happen tomorrow. If half the population simply refused to co-operate in sustaining the status quo one moment longer, it would founder. Finis.

Sure, it’s unlikely it will happen tomorrow. Things seem to be going to have to get a bit worse yet before we are ready to rise up against the corporate oligarchy and their government representatives. But it will happen soon. Things can’t really get very much worse before becoming unendurable to the point where we are forced in large numbers to say enough is enough.

However much inertia there is in our current system; however much diffuse control is exerted over us by the hidden dictatorship; however much disinformation we are fed through the media machine; our awareness of the horrendous iniquity and ecocidal/suicidal destructiveness of the prevailing system is growing with each day, and this awareness will soon translate into action.

Like it or not: the revolution is near.

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