One Name. Two Stories. @youngka2

I have two stories about one name. My name. Kira.
Both stories convey and describe glimpses of magic that exist when one is tuned in and pays attention to the Universal Mind and its ability to make things happen at “coincidental” times. Stories that were meant for their actor to experience; to reassure a knowing that the Universe is listening and speaking always.  Moments that have reverberated the underlying truth that our thoughts are pulsating, vibrating magnets that bring happenings into our experience; that such events and manifestations are of our doing, beginning with what we think.
The first story took place in Hampton, Virginia. I had been enjoying a sunny afternoon with my son, Oriah at a park located in the center of Peninsula Town Center, an outdoor mall. Oriah made mention that he had to use the bathroom, so we hurriedly walked to the next section of the mall. We made our way to the restroom and were in and out quickly. As we were leaving, I saw a man who looked very familiar to me. We were across the street from one another, but I thought for certain he was someone I knew. My vision was a bit blurry, so I found myself in a socially awkward moment where I wasn’t sure whether to wave, or keep walking (as I wasn’t totally convinced it was him).
Just as I went to raise my hand to wave, I heard him say, “Kira.”
I quickly waved and said, “Hey!”
The man across the street looked at me, puzzled, and said, “Uhh, hey?”
It was at this point that I realized he wasn’t who I thought he was, and that he didn’t recognize me because we were strangers.
I asked, “Did you just say Kira?”
We were a bit closer now, and I could see his face. We were both looking at each other, confused and bewildered.
After a few seconds of contemplation, he responded, “No, I didn’t say Kira.  Buttttt I’m waiting on my sister, Kira, to pick me up.”
The Universal mind tuned me into a thought vibration projecting my name and drawing me into the experience. Every event leading up to that point, including the idea that I thought he was an acquaintance, someone that I knew, lead me to him because in his mind, he was thinking my name. His thoughts were so loud that I heard them, even though he did not speak. We laughed, and walked in opposite directions. I was touched by the big impact of such a small encounter. It was a quick bit of magic that was too moving to ignore.
Fast forward to San Francisco, California, a few years later. My son, best friend, and I were walking toward The California Academy of Sciences. I was enjoying taking in the sights, and doing a bit of window shopping, when much to my surprise I noticed a store with a bright, illuminated light shining “KIRA”. I was so elated by the fact that this store’s name was my name, that I just started chuckling in happiness.
Brittany said, “Get under it and I’ll take your picture!”
I stood in front of the store, below the light, and smiled. Just as Brittany took the picture, a girl in a passing car yelled out the window, “Kira is my name, too!”
I yelled back (almost in cheerful song), “HEY! Look at the universe working!”
Again, moments. Experience. Parallels. The Universal Mind, hearing and making things fall into place and space in just the right time. Magic and winks from above and around.
It’s worth an added note to mention that 20 minutes later, upon entering the museum we were traveling to, in a room bustling with visitors, I heard a mom yell, “KIRA!” to her daughter.
There is one mind (Universal Mind); a mind that we are all a part of and have an impact on. Such moments (like the coincidences surrounding my name) lead to wonder, which lead to discovery. For me, they have generated questions that I have sought answers to; answers which have provided some of the greatest insights of my experience in this round of existence. Our thoughts are things. We are vibrating energy. We are tuning forks. Our thoughts create tangible realities, and draw into our experience what we repeatedly think about and on. It is one of life’s most important endeavors; to learn the power of our thoughts and the manifestations they (rather we) make.
​My discoveries have taught me this:Think on the Light with all your might.

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