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December 10, 2018

Stay out of it!

Especially over the holidays!

You know the entanglement of emotions, the mix-up of feelings, and the sharing of energies that all happen in relationships, especially in families? 

I hear a nice big “YES” that lets me believe you also know – and are probably an experienced witness – of all the problems, un-happiness, and worries that come with that—not to mention all the hurt that is created by them. The holidays are nearing which means these less-than-happy emotions are lurking just around the corner, or at least they are for most of us. 

The good news is that it does not have to be that way. Really! You can diffuse and change any relationship trouble within seconds into a wonderful exchange of experiences—if you can pretend that all your relationships are seeds. 

“Wait, what?”

Let me explain by sharing this excerpt of my book 365 Days of Happiness:


Imagine you have a planting tray. Each compartment has a different kind of seed planted inside, and every seed has its own space to grow and none get mixed up; and yet, they are all connected, because it is a tray.

Every day you check on all the seeds, water them, make sure they get sunlight, and are warm. You have absolute trust and belief in them that they have their own power and wisdom to grow. If they do well, you watch their growth with excitement. If they don’t do well, you adjust the water-giving, warmth and sun-intake. Never would you lose your trust in them, or get all tangled up in their business of growing. Rather, you keep faith in their own reason to BE.

The same goes for your loved ones… Think of every loved one as a seed living in a compartment of a planting tray. Every person gets their own space to grow without getting mixed up, yet everyone is connected. You check on everyone daily, nurture them with compassion, love, your light, well wishes, and your happiness. You have absolute trust and belief in every single one that they have their own power and wisdom to grow, be well, and live happy. If they do well, you watch their growth with excitement. If they don’t do well, you adjust your way of nurturing. Never will you lose your trust in them or get all tangled up in their business of living. You keep faith in their own reason to BE.

The best thing and only right thing you can do for yourself, everyone, and everything is to not get tangled up in anyone’s life-business. Simply stay out of it!

Instead gift them with your unconditional trust and belief in them, then turn towards yourself and take care of your own life-business. Which is to be the happiest, healthiest, most loving, and purest YOU, that you can be.


So I say “relax,” look forward to all the family time, and give everyone around you their own tray-space to BE and live in—with that you give yourself the opportunity and permission to go BE and live in your own tray-space too, which is a perfectly decorated – only what you like – environment, where you get to grow fittingly for you and can enjoy your very own way of being and living in peace. 

Just imagine the happiness community this creates!

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to the crowded holidays where I get the lucky chance to celebrate everyone’s precious tray.

Happy peaceful holidays everyone!

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Jacqueline Pirtle

Jacqueline Pirtle serves her clients as a holistic practitioner, a healing arts teacher-mentor, and author, with a unique passion as an ambassador for mindful happiness. Her best-selling book is 365 Days of Happiness–as seen on ABC 7 Chicago. She has helped thousands of clients shift into a “high for life” frequency—a unique experience that calls clients into their highest potential in their NOW!

Jacqueline has been featured on NBC News–Better, Women Inspired TV, The Sunday School Radio Show, International Health & Wellness summits and podcasts, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Bustle, Buzzfeed, and her article “Are You Happy?” is in print in The Edge Magazine.

Her professional background is in holistic wellness. She holds international wellness degrees and is an international certified Reiki Master.