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January 25, 2019

5 Great Healthy Food Swaps.

Chocolate, crisps, sweets; you name it, I will munch on it. The sad thing is, I can pretty much go all day without binging on snacks but the second that it hits 7pm, I crave everything in sight. I try and save most of my calories for the evening by making less calorific food shops during the day.

I thought that I would put together my top 5 food swaps with less calories. These have all been tried and tested myself – I refuse to put cauli-rice on here as it pretty makes me wretch.

So here are 5 lower-calorie food swaps that you can take that are actually pretty delicious:

  1. Mars Bar for a Toffee Crisp – Mars Bars are absolutely fantastic, but your waistline doesn’t half pay for this. Swapping a Mars Bar for a Toffee Crisp will cure your chocolate-loving taste buds.
  2. Normal Spaghetti for Courgetti Spaghetti – Everyone loves pasta, right? But realistically, when it is covered in bolognese or some sort of cheesy sauce, you can’t really taste the pasta. Swap your spaghetti for courgetti spaghetti or zucchini noodles.
  3. Shop Bought Chips for Homemade Sweet Potato Fries – Shop bought chips are bathed in oil before you purchase it. Sweet potato fries are better for you, even more so when you make them yourself. Cut up a sweet potato, spray them with a low calorie spray and shove it in the oven.
  4.  Granola for Weetabix – Every American TV show character starts the day eating a big bowl of Granola. While it is full of fibre, it is jam packed with calories and sugar. AH! Swap this for something such as Weetabix, also full of fibre but a lot less sugar.
  5. Lattes for Black Americanos – Lattes are really great, and they do fill you up but that is because it is full of milk (added calorie!). Black coffee is a great way to satisfy your hunger, as well as saving you about 200 calories.

This post has been written by food and lifestyle blogger, Emma-Leigh Hull.

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