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January 10, 2019

A Short and Sweet Reminder

I think there are too many times when it seems to slip off our minds that we are actually really here. You are here, in this body, breathing air, with the ground below and the sky above. We sadly and consantly forget to look around more often, to look up and down and realize how tiny, yet unbelievably wonderful our very existance is. We seem to forget that  atoms and perfectly arranged particles had to come together in order to form the very unique, beautiful being that we are. I wish we could all take advantage of ourselves, abuse of our senses in order to take in the goodness that is offered to us by the world we live in. I wish we could all realize that we can do so much more when we are at peace within our own selves. I wish we can always dismiss our negative thoughts and celebrate all of the positive ones. So I beg of you, please, when you are washing your dishes, sing out loud. If you get a sudden urge to hug someone, do it. Never hold back your tears. Tell your people you love them. Savor every sip of you morning coffee. Smile when you wake up. Wear that outfit. Let your hair down. Live it, darling, because don’t forget that’s what you are here for.

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María Belén Hidalgo

18 year old sharing fleeting mindful thoughts that will (hopefully) make you look around with an increased love for life.