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January 1, 2019

Building a Shelf of Failure in 2019

Wanna know my advice for 2019?

Flip your life upside down like the Monopoly board that it is. Let the game pieces fly in every which direction and land in hard to reach places. Throw all of your money into the garbage disposal. Hand people the tools they need to take advantage of you. Sign yourself up for challenges far out of your realm and then fail.

Fail hard. Fail really f*cking hard. Fail so f*cking hard that you have to sit down in the shower and cry.

And then stay there. Stay there and experience every ebb & flow of emotion. Let it soak in long enough for you to become painstakingly vulnerable. Stay there until all you can do is exist; exhausted and defeated.

Take a deep breath.


Take everything you’ve just felt and slowly exhale it into an imaginary box. Seal the box shut and place it on an empty shelf in your home.

Do this every single time you fail really f*cking hard.

Eventually you’ll realize it’s anything but an imaginarily overloaded shelf of failure. Eventually you’ll realize that it’s the most extensive and valued trophy collection you’ve ever owned in your entire life.

It’s full of challenges that no one else on Earth was able to overcome except for you. It’s full of mistakes, heartache, and misery. But it’s also full of growth, lessons, and the keys that unlocked tiny bits of yourself you never knew existed.

As for me and my shelf, we will build another.

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