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January 14, 2019

Importance of Writing in your Professional Career.

The gateway to all other skills is the skill of writing

For some writing is a passion, for most of the people, it is a necessity. When I say need, what do I mean? I mean you require writing in most of your career levels. For example school, college and university. Without knowing how to write, would you be able to graduate? I bet not. Learning from the very first day of school, where we are taught to write a b c, and d writing becomes a vital part of our life.

Keep calm and learn to write well because it is a need of student life

Nobody can claim student life without writing. The textbooks that you read, the assignments that you do and the presentation that are given in classes are all different forms of writing. Now tell me, can you imagine life without writing? Writing is everywhere and being able to read is a blessing. Let’s agree on that. You know why? It is a blessing because the letters on top of the medicine cover you eat is also a writing and being able to read give you a clue whether to take it or not. We all learn writing from our academic life that starts at school. Every student gets one of the biggest and first challenges in his school for which he says to himself “OK! So now I have to write my essay? Let’s see.” This the first time a young kid opens up his mind to translate his small vocabulary of words into a written description. Imagine Sitting on an exam and think you don’t know how to spell a specific word. Spellings, grammar and sentence structure matter in the world of writing. These are skills on which the academic career depends a lot. In literary terms, the rules of academics is knowing how well as student you can write. Writing is a way you describe to people what ideas are on your head. Therefore, make sure you give it equal importance that you provide to any other thing. If you know how to write, you also know how to read and if you know how to read, congratulations! You are an educated being.

Writing brings the creativity out in you!

“I think therefore I am” once said by Descartes. Every student has this capability of thinking. Some have very great ideas going on their head, very few possess even ideas worth spreading. Unless relationship with words is built, those ideas remain merely ideas revolving on the head. Therefore, for the creativity in you shine in the outer world you need to understand the language of writing. Words are powerful because they carry meaning. Think for a while if what you write is not what you have been thinking on your head all the way up now, is it doing justice to yourself. No! Learn to own words and write down them well while you are on the journey of your professional life.

In the world of academic writing helps document a worth “A” grade essay

Do you panic with grades? Are grades a big deal to you? Here is what to remember to make you help with writing your essay worth “A” grade. One of the first things as a student you should do is, know your professor instructions. What kind of a reader he is or what style of writing interests him. Some professors a lot of them give guidelines to follow before handing any essay writing assignment. A student who is unfamiliar with the skills of writing would not care much about instructions. What happens if instructions aren’t followed? If instructions given by professor are not supported in the essay, it may happen that your essay won’t get further read with full interest. Therefore, before starting to write a paper, it is only through the writing skills you make sure to follow instructions and double check what is written after you have finished writing it.


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