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January 21, 2019

Is Your World Being Rocked Right Now? Why it’s Time to Recognize Your Intuition is Your True North

The journey here was long.
My journey to a new beginning.
Made longer by the many times I blatantly ignored my intuition – 
because I chose comfort and addiction over my higher well-being. 
And yet,
there were many very important moments 
where I did listen to my inner GPS, and blessings flooded in as a result.
Even still, the answers we seek are not always immediate, 
our work is in the listening, the trusting and tending to the task at hand. 
Get humble. 
Tend to your moments, chop the wood, carry the water, be grateful and most of all,
keep asking your questions quietly and diligently and then when the answer comes in,
be prepared to take action.
Change pulls us out of our cage
if we’re lucky and it is not meant to be comfortable.

“How do I trust the answer that comes through?” you might be asking.
Our intuition operates at a level that is riding the channels of the life force running through our veins, through the breath we breathe in to our lungs. These are the same channels that course through the intelligence of a tree and informs the acorn to grow in to a strong oak tree, the same intelligence that let my mother know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had handed her the wrong baby after I had been washed and swaddled in to soft cotton baby blanket and bottles.
We’ve all had that moment, when you just know something and there is no logical explanation for it. This is a level of intelligence that we have lost connection with, simply because we stopped using it.

Well, look where that got us.

My intuition is now and forever my True North and I will never question her again.
Choosing what’s best for your highest wellbeing, for the planets higher wellbeing, is not always the comfortable or convenient choice. In fact, at first it may take more effort because we have been raised by a society that wants to control us and does so by getting us addicted to comfort, convenience, numbing out, and going with the mainstream like cattle being herded into a coral.
And look where it got us.

Being positive is important, but more important is getting real with where we’ve lied to ourselves and to others. Where are we cutting corners? Where are we justifying a toxic behavior, and laughing it off with “Its all good”. At the end of the day, when nobody is around to impress, are you being radically honest with yourself?
We are hardwired with a deeper knowing of what thrives us, what thrives our relationships and our planet. But we live in a society that teaches us toxic ways because it has bigger money interests.
We are often surrounded by a mentality that celebrates or laugh’s off shortcuts or cheating “just this once” and so we then justify to ourselves when we are alone at home with nobody to pry the chocolate or alcohol or online shopping pages out of our hands.

We have to be strong enough for ourselves and respect ourselves enough to truly commit and get fiercely honest with ourselves.
Our world is trembling with trauma but it’s also bursting with potential and so many humans that want to do better, be better and don’t know where to start.
Start where you are and choose the lifestyle, thoughts, friends, relationships, habits that will not only set you on a brighter, thriving path, but our planet too.
Choose what will be of benefit to you and a sustainable world.

There is so much more to this gorgeous wild life than what we have been told. Take five minutes and just sit quietly each day, eat your food more slowly, write out a vision for what you want your life to be like and read that every day as if the Dalai Lama himself is standing there wanting to hear it. Be with your moments, be with your life.

The thing is, you know what you need to do and you know when you’re cutting corners whether in your relationships, your work, your lifestyle, self-care, or your potential. If you give it a chance, slowly your intuition will be the loudest voice you hear and that is the voice of true transformative change. 
That is unless you feel everything is already working perfectly well in your life and the world, if so, a big high five to you!
We are here to evolve, to grow, to live and to serve and give back. From these seeds, we flourish.

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