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January 30, 2019

New Spirituality Manifestation

Manifestation is defined by Merriam Webster as, “a perceptible, outward, or visible expression” and “an occult phenomenon.”


Manifestation is the physical materialization of wants, wishes or desires.


Many of us learned about the power of manifestation through the infamous book, the Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.


Byrne taught us how to manifest our wildest dreams, from money, to cars, to the dream job.


The human mind is extremely powerful, sometimes to a fault. By channeling the thoughts of the mind in a clear and direct path, one is able to manifest and create their own reality.


What Byrne fails to mention is that the mind can manifest images, materialistic goods and situations from our subconscious otherwise known as our shadow. The shadow self consists of parts of ourselves that are hidden deep and for good reason. These shadows include desires, instincts, insecurities and so forth.


In other words, the shadow being the part of us that we do not actually want to manifest but our minds will trick us into thinking we do.


The more we manifest from a place of hidden desires, wants or insecurities the more illusions hinder our growth, deflecting from our true path.


Byrne created the blueprint and developed our mind’s toolbox in getting what we desire out of life. The Secret  left out very important information in regards to the difference between manifestation between WANTS and manifestation between NEEDS.


Manifestation of and through the heart rather than through the mind.


I want to discuss manifestation of the trapped images existing in the heart space rather than the desires of the mind.


I used to make dream boards. I would fill my poster board with images of the type of hair I wanted, the car I wanted, the house I wanted, the experiences I wanted. Looking back on my dream boards, most of the material goods I desired, manifested.


That is the both the power of the mind and the Universe. 

The Universe truly wants us to recognize our power and step into our power.  Divinity in flesh and blood.


Now, there is a very clear difference between manifestation from our minds versus our hearts.

True manifestation lies in the heart space. True manifestation lies in LETTING GO. True manifestation lies in TRUST in the Universe.


Rather than living from a place of subconscious or shadow, we begin to shift to a place of light, a place of love, a place of the heart.


When we trust that the Universe will continually provide us with all that we NEED and by letting go of material goods and attachments, we receive the true gift of the Universe, our own unique, magical journey. We tap into our true nature.

We begin to recognize that ultimately our hearts know what is best for our highest selves.

Everyone’s journey is unique and entails a completely different blueprint than any other human being. Only by letting go and learning from life is one able to tap into the heart space in which we are able to manifest our true nature.

We become aware of the illusions that we believe will bring us happiness and begin to align more closely with the images that have been trapped in the heart space.


The Universe has unconditional love for all of its inhabitants. It will continually provide as long as your trust, love and ability to let go of a particular outcome is unconditional.


Meet the Universe where it wants to meet you. What do you need? Is it in alignment with what you want? Are you living from the heart space?


Be open to Receiving your true gifts. I promise the gifts you will receive will be better than any material good you could have ever manifested.

Bless you.

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