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January 10, 2019

The spark of a shared business dream is manifested for three geographically dispersed meditators

Three Chicks Meditating  On A Shared Business Dream

We met through meditation teacher training. Bonds were formed over an intense shared experience where  rigor and intensity make a shared experience richer and seals the kind of lasting friendship that can only be forged from completing a program of study requiring you to show up fully.

We three chicks are geographically dispersed—Western Canada, Arizona, and Texas. Last summer during a retreat in Canada, the Arizona chick and the Texas chick made the pilgrimage north to the Canadian prairie to lead presentations for our Canadian friend’s meditation retreat.

Many of the June attendees had attended the previous year’s retreat and were back in June bringing along a sister, their mother, a couple of mothers-in-law, several best friends. This is the kind of grassroots momentum that retreat organizers dream of. Folks from minutes down the road to old friends and supporters a couple hours away to folks who traveled several hours to be part of the grand adventure happening in rural Alberta.

The weekend was ripe with people who showed up vulnerable and daring to be seen. That is where the magic always begins and catches fire. Meditation was presented in many forms—long, slow, deep breath work, body relaxation, and mantra practice, to name a sampling. A Tibetan healing bowl sound bath was a weekend highlight, with a variety of workshops, including mandala drawing as an entry point to mindfulness meditation. Survey responses were better than expected, with thoughtful comments and suggestions for the next gathering (certain there would be another).

As the Alberta chick lounged on the empty venue stage, next to the chick from Arizona and the chick from Texas, an idea was beginning to hatch.

What if we shared the experience of creating retreats like this together? What if we host events in Arizona and Texas and Canada. It’s so much more fun to create programming with community, and share the planning, and work and the reward.

We arrived at our business name that Sunday afternoon, after a giddy round robin on the stage. Or maybe it was later that evening, back at the house, over a bottle of wine. Either way, before the Arizona chick and the Texas chick boarded planes back home, the meditation retreat business name, 3 Chicks Meditating, was in play. It felt fun, it felt joyful. We agreed to sit with our plans and our goals and regroup in a couple of weeks to see if the dreamy dream held form.

The vision for creating and hosting mindfulness meditation and well-being retreats gained momentum. The business details fell into place with ease and grace. Meetings and agenda items were managed and the shared collaboration has made all three chicks so grateful. Our bond as meditation teachers forged a friendship that has evolved into partnership. We are enjoying this evolution and looking forward to hosting our first 2019 retreat in Texas Hill Country, March 8-10. This region outside of Austin is expected to be covered in bluebonnets come March. That’s what the Texas chick tells us.

The three of us agreed from the beginning of this dreamy dream that joy is a top priority. From planning to implementation to event wrap up, we want the journey to be joyful for us, joyful for our retreaters. It’s our great pleasure to pull our creative talents together and create experiences that spark renewal, and community. We hope you will consider coming along to experience your personal joyful journey with 3 Chicks Meditating. And bring friend, a sister, maybe your mother. Joy shared is joy multiplied.

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Julie Bevirt

As a result of some chronic sleep and stress-related health concerns, 2015 was the year Julie learned to meditate and found herself on a grand adventure, traveling for a full year– her healing year. Upon her return to Arizona, she accepted a position with McLean Meditation Institute, where she managed the meditation teacher training program for the next three years. During that time she also completed the 200-hour training to become a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor. She now leads and teaches meditations for organizations and individuals.


Julie’s meditation journey continues to expand–sleep is no longer a problem, and finding balance and peace is always just a breath away. Julie finds joy in helping others navigate the journey from head to heart.