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February 27, 2019

3 Reasons why we shouldn’t care about what others think of us

First of all, positive or negative, opinions on you shouldn’t be taken too seriously – yes, sometimes on occasion an external judgment might actually be helpful- it might shift us to be better or to think about an aspect of ourselves that could be more authentic or honest…. it could trigger certain things in us that might make us embark on a path thats healthier or more conscious…

But when it comes to others being negative or disempowering with their thoughts towards us. FORGET THAT!!!

Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t ‘care’ about what others think of you – you might listen, but after you listen just shrug your shoulders because…

1) Most peoples ‘hurt’ is a reflection of their perspective of you. Yes, you heard me – what you go through in your life and how you perceive and feel the things you have went through is essentially how you see the world and your fellow world family.

So- take for an example, I could have grown up with a mother always telling me i’m not pretty enough, and if I didn’t straighten my hair or put makeup on I wouldn’t be beautiful, or – if i’m not thin and flawless then i’m not good enough.
now, depending on how conscious that person is, they can either grow up and completely not see truth in that and decide to create their own perspective and mindset or they can come across anyone different, unusual or adverse in life and point a finger and say ‘ewww, ugly’ (or other words with the same energy behind it)

Now, that latter option is the group of people this first reason applies to… they are judging you negatively because they judge themselves negatively and have no sense of self worth or self confidence.. (I used external examples but this applies to any sort of judgement attack on you in any way).

so, maybe they aren’t strong enough to pull away from the constraints of their past and want to suffer in their unconsciousness and disempowerment. who knows… but one thing for sure is… don’t care, don’t listen and send love and hope their way because it’s not nice to have a caged mind, and they are suffering.

‘Their perspective of you is a direct indication on how they see themselves’

2) Second reason – peoples insecurities can be so high to the point they need to make you feel bad and sad just to make themselves feel better. Wether they feel threatened by something you have or embody or they are just damn right jealous because they dislike themselves so much deep down, they cant bare seeing others without obvious insecure energy.

We need to be strong when it comes to individuals who suffer like this and can gain no sense of self love without projecting it on to others.
And prime targets are the self assured/ self empowered.

it can be quite hard to ‘not care’ in the moment of being attacked. I get that, we are human after all, and especially if its not just a random person you can walk away from.
so something I have done in this scenario at my work place in the past that helped reagin ‘my own’ balance was…

write on a piece of paper

I forgive (persons name)
I wish them peace , clarity and self love
I am strong
I am empowered
and I ask you spirit to lift any energies this person has sent towards me.
I no longer want to hold this persons energy so if it comes my way I ask you to transmute it in to love…

Send it away by burning it in a flame proof bowl and watch it burn away as if you were watching this persons words and opinions burn away from you.
sometimes, unfortunately, we need to do the work to save ourselves and send that little bit of compassion to the person suffering.

3) So, why is it important to focus on our own self love to essentially successfully be able to ‘not care’ about what others think of you?….
Ill tell you why.
because the more we work on loving ourselves and accepting who we are, what we look like etc, then it becomes so much easier to remain vibrating on a high level of energy and not let other affect you, your opinion, your mood and your power.

I write so much about self love and self work because I think it’s THE MOST important and relevant thing we should be focusing on to shift the world and humanity in to a better space and consciousness.
Also, remember that ‘mean’ people generally just have a huge lack of self love – so work on yours which means…

work on your habits, mindsets and healing your past Removing toxic thoughts, people and places in your life.
its about living intentionally, purposefully and consciously

and from now on – don’t care one teeny tiny bit about what others think of you.

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