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February 24, 2019

Broken Heart.

Broken hearts seems to be part of life.

I remember my first broken heart when I was 18. The perfect romantic world which I had constructed in my mind’s eye was suddenly destroyed.

All at once I found myself with shallow breath, standing on the ruins of my perceived idealism. I was frozen for a couple of months trying to understand why this happened to me?

Eventually a eureka moment arrived not so much in my mind, but in my core being: anything without ‘foundation‘ is inherently unstable and vulnerable to destruction. I had never allowed the foundation of me to develop, so I wasn’t yet a grounded and balanced human!


This new awareness washed away the self pity as I moved forward with baby steps. I redirected all energies to my inner development and potential.

Moving through the mud of pain I rediscovered Light. It turned out that my broken heart was a blessing.

As light shines through a broken pot, so too does it shine through a human heart. Yoga was a massive part of this turning point as it helped transform the landscape of my consciousness. With new bright eyes I began to perceive an awesome colourful world full of joy and opportunity!

Gratitude to God for giving me not what I want but what I need.

Love to all!

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Angela Selivanova Santosa

Angela has studied yoga since 2005 and has been teaching since 2010.  She certified as a Vinyasa yoga teacher with Paul Dallaghan and for the last 7 years has continued to study and practice in India with the legendary R.Sharath Jois ,  Ajay Kumar and Vinay Kumar .  In 2017 she completed yoga teacher training with Vinay Kumar. She loves structured classes with concentration on deep breath awareness to allow the magic of internal work to happen. She respects the energy of the student and adapts the practice accordingly. Her classes start with Sun Salutations Pranavashaya or Ashtanga style to honour the Light inside us and to bring harmony between Mind/Body/Soul. Then it’s standing, balancing, twisting, forward bending and backbending asanas. She pays particular attention to core strength, connecting upper and lower body. Pranayama and meditation are also given special attention. She lives yoga. If she is not on a yoga mat practicing or teaching then she is studying yoga. She teaches Vinyasa yoga to students of all abilities.  Angela lives with her partner Christopher and 7 adorable cats: Shami, Lui, Diego, Tiger-Orange, Kitty, Bernardo and Vinnie in Mallorca. She loves her immediate family as well as her extended family of yoga students!