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February 18, 2019

Life Without my Best Friend

I gaze into the backyard
and wonder
where you’d be.
Rolling in the dirt I’m sure,
tongue out
to catch the breeze.

Legs reaching for the sky,
you’d turn your head
to check,
a big grin on your face,
making sure I hadn’t left.

I gaze into the backyard
and see the sticks
I should pick up,
your favorite snack and toy
since you were just a pup.

I can’t bring myself
to move them
cause then I’d have to face
the fact that you can’t join me
to snag one
for a chase.

I gaze into the backyard,
the one I got
just for you,
and wonder how
I can enjoy it
when you can’t do so too.

Even the squirrels left,
I thought you’d like to know.
I guess if you aren’t
here to play,
our yard’s not
the place to go.

I gaze into the backyard
and wish I saw you there.
Here one day
and gone the next,
it sure does not
seem fair.

By my side
through everything,
life now is not the same.
Without you I can’t feel the joy
in the pleasure
or the pain.

Crystan Straub

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