February 4, 2019

My two favorite (mindful) Super Bowl commercials.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting for social equality, fewer concussions, great commercials, a great game…and true patriotism, which includes respectful protest and always has. Read all our actually-mindful Super Bowl coverage: search “super bowl” elephantjournal.com. ???❤️❤️?? Great comment from our reader @emteague, reshared with permission: "We're going to watch Christopher Robin instead of the game. Can't support the tacit acceptance of TBI [traumatic brain injury], violence against women, homophobia and racism (plus both teams gave [President] Trump $1 million for his inaugural and one team actively, openly supports him). But that's just us!" ??❤️?? Reference: foxs.pt/2Sugxje #colinkaepernick #superbowl #patriots #tombrady #goat #rams #trump #trumpinaugural #draintheswamp #concussions #tbi # #kaepernick #socialequality #truepatriotism #equality #mayitbeofbenefit # ? Get our best: elephantjournal.com/best every morning (free). Support independent media—what you feed grows! ❤️ ? Join our Social Media class: elephantjournal.com/academy ?

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My two favorite Super Bowl commercials (I didn’t see all of ’em, started watching the defense-first game halfway through the first quarter):

At first I gagged a bit, thinking one of the great peace songs of the 60s was getting co-opted by Bud…but they actually brought it home, walking their talk and doing more than most microbreweries.


And, let’s hear it for truth. Not for one news organization, but for all of ’em. And particularly for those truthseekers who’ve fallen in the line of duty. Journalism is one of the first and vital bulwarks against nationalism and authoritarianism.


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