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March 9, 2019

All “story” Addicts, It’s Time to Be Powerful.

For all the “story addicts” [everyone was one (is one) once in their life] my story goes something like this: “my” mom, finding mom “dead”, being a mom, being a mom to a “dead” daughter, doing the best at giving birth to my soul.

The choice is always where we put our focus. The individual who experiences these traumas has every excuse to be the stereo typical junkie on the streets begging for more abuse.

I have to get in to my body at least once every day in order to feel sane. I do this by walking at sunrise and sometimes asana. I started my practice doing four hours of asana every day to prepare for “teaching” (i knew nothing about who “i” was).

Now, I’m a living Gumby… no, I’m a real woman who wakes up crooked because the subconscious is tricky AND I have absolutely got to give 100% focused attention to feel straight, mentally and physically. (Spirituality is there if you are breathing) An Asana/prana/nada combo is the only way I have been able to reach so deeply I finally touched ground… not fully landed, but honey, I’ve touched the Earth inside me and I want to roll around in her comfort. So, I go back to asana.

Year after year.

Eleven years and eight months.

If there is one thing I KNOW, and I’ve spent a lot of moments knowing nothing, it is the importance of feeling our body in times of trauma. Considering that much of our world is living in the constant trauma: noise pollution, light pollution, body pollution…


We must each individually, and as a conscious collective, retreat.

in what. ever. form. possible.

If that’s plugging our ears and putting on an eye mask for thirty minutes, perfect. Water fast for three days, perfect.


Our earth


Asana allows and invites us to experience a connection to fellow earth dwellers from all realms. When we connect with our earth we are able to feel what is speaking to our soul.

I experience tremendous unknown fear about being a powerful woman, but,

THIS is what we are reflecting .

We are powerful women and we are being connected by asana, and not just the human woman-



We are coming together so strongly that the power of the breath of all yoga practitioners in sync, I believe, will create (is creating) an extremely powerful shift that appears to be horrific, yet, all this bubbling up of what no one wants to see (ie 2016 elected U.S. president) is making us realize what we




on what we want. A nice pair of gluts to enhance the CREATIVE glow of the svadhistana, PERFECT. An abundance of organic fruits and vegetables and a POWERFUL manipura for all living beings, PERFECT.

May we return to balance.

May we feel comfortable in the presence of strong feminine power.

Because we must.

This is the only way.









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