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March 11, 2019

All the Essentials for an Engagement Party.

Engagement parties have long been part of our culture, and have been celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and hope.

An engagement party is basically an exciting and fun way to rejoice over the commitment that you and your partner are soon going to enter into. Engagement parties almost always bring tides of the looming prospects in the future, and are meant to prepare your guests and yourself for what is to come.

However, since the party is an appetizer to the real celebrations of the wedding to come, couples are often confused over how to manage the party and what the most important essentials are.

We have crafted a blog to assist you with arranging your engagement party and making your guests feel comfortable within the setting.

Understanding the Basics of an Engagement Party

Before we jump onto helping you with the essentials, we will first answer some of the basic questions pertaining to engagement parties in everyone’s mind. For starters, an engagement party is basically an event where you can gather with your loved ones and friends to celebrate your decision to get married in the near future. While engagement parties are directly linked with the act of marriage, you can enjoy and organize your engagement party without really throwing a date for the eventual marriage.

Traditionally, the parents of the bride host the engagement party, but that has changed over the years. Now, we see the couples getting together to host the party and calling their loved ones over. Some couples also opt for multiple engagement parties, if they want a separate event for family and another one for friends.

Deciding the Theme

The theme for your engagement party will set the tone and pace for the whole event. Couples have started going for overall themes and dress codes, which they expect everyone to follow. If you’re organizing an engagement party in the nearby future and are at a shortage for possible themes, then you should go through the following ideas and choose the one that best appeals to your interests.

  • Engagement cocktail party with live bar
  • Fall engagement party, with yellow background and dry natural leaves
  • Retro engagement party with a modern look
  • A simple engagement tone with a rustic and monotonous dress code
  • An all white engagement party, where everything including the dresses and furniture is in sparkling white
  • Casino engagement theme party, with live betting opportunities
  • An engagement party influenced by a movie, series or popular literature. Many couples take inspiration from Gatsby, Games of Throne, and the Batman Trilogy in this regard.
  • A Christmas-themed engagement party
  • An engagement party that is centered on any popular holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day.

Now, you might have a good time picturing all of these themes on your engagement day. However, to create the perfect imagery, you need to be dedicated to the task and ensure that everything is in line with the original theme you have in mind.

Now, there are no specific estimates on what each one of these themes will cost you. The costs can vary based on the level of details you want in the theme. For instance, an engagement party themed on the Game of Thrones can cost you a fortune if you try to incorporate all the facets of the series, including the dragons, the wars, the costumes, and the castles. However, the same theme can cost you less if you go for a minimal tone, with men dressed as knights and women dressed in their white gowns. So the costs for these themes heavily depend on the kind of details you expect and want.


Once you’re decided on hosting an engagement party, you should probably start your preparations by making a list of people you would preferably want to invite to the event. Be specific on the people you want around you on the special day. Would you like to invite co-workers, neighbors, and other friends? Or, should the event be minimalistic with just family members and a few friends involved? These are just some questions that you should try to answer before planning your engagement party.

Once you’re decided on the list of people that you would want to invite to the event, you can get to discuss the pattern of the engagement party invitation. Do you want it to be funny, elegant, or wordy? Know your priorities and discuss it through with your partner.

Make sure that you have the following essential details included within the invitation:

  • Where (the location of the engagement party)
  • What is the event for
  • When is it going to be held
  • The dress code that you want to be followed. Highlight this segment to catch the attention of everyone.
  • RSVP Details
  • Extra info or any special instructions pertaining to routes to the location or parking
  • Preferences in gifts (optional)

The level of formality that you would want for your event tends to determine the wordings within the engagement invitation. If you’re going for an informal event, you can use a rather fun tone with different personal word choices as well in between.


Once you’re done with the invitation, you can get to handling your own arrangements and making sure that everything is ready before the date of the event. Your arrangements include:

  • Booking of the location you want
  • Getting in touch with caterers for food within the event
  • Getting a diamond ring for each other
  • Having all kinds of checks in place to ensure that there isn’t any last minute mishap
  • Getting your clothes ready
  • Figuring out the event timings

With all these arrangements done with, you can be sure of the success of your event. Make sure you excite all your guests with a fascinating display of arrangements and your love.

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