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March 18, 2019

Be Smart When Using Your Smartphone Abroad.

When we travel abroad, we’re almost immediately happy for the chance of experiencing a great and exciting adventure. But, since we always travel with our smartphones in a bag, we should not forget the fact that our “smartphone adventure” can sometimes cost us a lot of money.

If you’re not using any of possible  VoIP solutions when traveling abroad, you should definitely be more than careful.

Modern times taught us to use modern technologies in our everyday life. That’s why today we are relying on mobile internet for so many things. We use it for travel guides, maps, photo sharing, or international messaging – you name it. So how to cut our costs while we’re overseas and is that even possible without taking a loan from the bank?

Use VoIP Mobile Phone Number

The possibility to take your phone service with you wherever you is one of the greatest benefits you can use. When using  VoIP mobile phone number, you can forward almost anything to it, and afterward, you can access the number over the wi-fi connection.

But you should also know some other facts about using VoIP services abroad.

Don’t get surprised if the internet connection you’re using abroad is not suitable for VoIP calls. These problems usually include poor connection speed, voice-traffic blockage or some legal limitations.

How To Avoid A Monthly Bill Surprise?

Due to inadequate use of your smartphone, when returning from abroad, you might be surprised by the significantly increased account amount. The relaxed use of the smartphone while you were in the roaming zone, most often leads to such an enlarged account. The thing is – after leaving the country, the selected postpaid package, tariff add-on or other benefits cease to be valid. That is the exact moment when the roaming partner’s tariffs begin to apply.

To protect yourself against additional expenses and ensure you do not get surprised when you return from your vacation, we recommend that you:

Make Sure If You Have Activated Roaming  

All users are advised to check their roaming activation status. You can do this in any of your mobile operator branches or just call customer service.

Be Careful With Your Data Transfer

The unwanted use of data roaming is one of the most common causes of high charges after returning from abroad. If you’re planning to use data transfer while staying abroad, it’s important to turn off the automatic software update feature. It’s important as this disables the activation of the internet connection without your knowledge.

If you have any application installed on the smartphone, it may happen that they require a connection to the Internet without initiating the particular programme.

Keep in mind that opening web pages, watching movies and music videos in roaming can significantly increase your monthly phone bill.

If you do not want to use data transfer while abroad, it is best to turn off this service before you hit the road.

Find The Most Favorable Mobile Network

In most cases, your smartphone will automatically log in to some of the mobile networks. However, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the best choice. A good advice would be to check the prices of the service tariffs in the country you are going to. And do this before traveling.

Make The Manual Selection Of The Best Mobile Network

When arriving at the destination, you can manually select the network operator that suits you. You just find the “Networks” or “Settings” option, and after that, all available networks will be displayed on the screen.

Take The Advantages Of Roaming Promotions

Most mobile operators are aware of the fact that it’s not possible to influence the roaming tariffs abroad. So, every season, and especially during the summer they offer their users some favorable roaming promotions. Use them in order to save some money.

Therefore, check everything from the list before you travel.

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