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March 11, 2019

Garage protection- Tips to secure your classic vehicles

Sometimes, storing your car well, driving it efficiently, and maintaining it carefully is not only enough things to consider for its safety. There are a lot of important things which help contribute to the protection of your vehicle. Especially if you own a classic or collector car, then protecting it from extreme weather conditions should be your foremost concern. Although it’s not possible to change the weather conditions but protecting it well from the weather is definitely in your hands.

Here are some important tips to follow and maintain your garage for protecting your classic car.

Your garage as a fortress:

If your home is your castle, then your garage might be the fortress for you, right? Turning your garage into the fortress may be a little daunting process, but it’s very important to protect your expensive cars. These are the steps which can help make your car secure in heavy wind storms like hurricane or tornado.

  • Usually, the strongest garage doors are made up of thick woody or solid material, which simply protects winds and storms from knocking you’re your door.
  • Another best way to double your door strength is to install strengthen door tracks. Also, make sure you are approaching qualified garage contractors before making any necessary changes. However, sometimes it might seem cheaper to replace your garage doors than just to strengthen them.
  • Your entry doors of the garage should have three hinges minimum. The deadbolt on your security lock should also be at least 1-inch long. These doors must be fitted with foot bolts as well as the heads with the minimum of 1-inch bolt length into some solid material.
  • You need to ensure that your windows are made up of weather-resistant “glass” which is further made of the polycarbonate materials or sandwich of plastic as well as glass. Or in another case, you can also have impact-resistant shutters that would cover your whole window and windowpanes. In order to make the process smooth, window contractors can help you suggest something easy to provide best results.

If you are concerned about the dangers of hurricanes or flood, then here are some further tips to consider for the safety:

  • Try anchoring the roof walls with rafter ties and straps. They can simply add while replacing your siding or roofing, or when remodeling.
  • Brace the end wall of a gable roof, as these roofs are much more susceptible to wind damage than hip or flat roofs.
  • Make sure that all the walls are properly anchored to its foundation. Considering the suggestions of general contractors can simply determine if such joints need retrofitting.
  • So, it’s better to securely anchor sheds and outbuildings to permanent foundations or then straps the buildings to ground anchors. There are lots of ground anchors, but before considering the one, it’s important to follow the suggestions of general contractors.

I hope that you never have to deal with such issues especially if you have a classic car because dealing with these issues can simply involve you in many troubles. That’s the reason, people choose to follow the guidelines of professionals so they can secure their garages in the best way possible.

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Ambreen Sajjad