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March 16, 2019

Held In Sacred Space❤

Held In Sacred Space

As shaman we deal with the bones of things. Often held in the tenderness of Sacred Space between two friends, lovers or in a healing circle.
Whenever holding another person in your arms, your heart or in absentia a special presence exists in the space between two heartbeats. ?

This weekend I had the honour to hold and comfort someone who needed to feel their grief… it is indeed an immense honour to journey with anyone through the grief process.

In truth, we can only walk with others if we are held ourselves by loving tribe friends and family. in that way

We Are All Connected To A Web Of Light Holding A Light On The Obscured Path To Expose The Shadows For They Enshroud Us All

Death the great leveller…. tonight I witness the cycle of life as I welcome another life into this world, sure in the knowledge that in any given moment we can die a thousand times.?and indeed witness the miracle of rising and new life….

When Things Become Complicated Become Dedicated

Written to honour Leyla Guvensher daughter #Sabhia and my daughter Estee from one mother and daughter to another across the oceans?

Nameste Kian

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