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March 17, 2019

How to Deepen the Relationship with YOU


How you see yourself is how other people will treat you, do business with you, love you, think about you, value you.

Self care goes beyond spa days and eating celery kale sandwiches.

It’s about deepening your relationship with yourself.

When you are one with yourself, you are in balance, in union w/ that which is unfuckwithable.

Yourself has no identity, form, status, age, worry, guilt, shame

It’s just free flowing creative energy.

Woowooooo x 1000 I get it…

But the truth is you’ll never know who you are if you think you are a doctor, model, mother, father, son, girl, boy, or business leader. Because your power will be funneled through your beliefs of how “empowered” that character is, which is inherently limited.

Characters live with insecurity, depression, guilt that forms into anxiety

All stemming from unconsciously being disconnected from their Self.

The cure for all disease, mental slavery, and pleasure droughts comes from connecting with this creative energy.

You will never be “free” until you acknowledge this and begin the journey into this space.

The truth is you never left so you can never be disconnected. Part of your awareness is there right now.

All the illusions of being off balance, unhealed, fearful, in danger are part of a story we all adopted. And the “solutions” to these stories are just as broken because they’re validating the story while creating another illusion with our creative energy. LOL whoops.

You need no process or method or guru to disassemble this fearful dream that was born from limited thinking.

Bring your awareness into the belly or the heart, somehow you already know where to go. At first your mind will try to understand the experience, let it, while witnessing you’re not the mind or those thoughts.

This “space” has a drawing quality to it. It’s been pulling you back into itself your whole life. It’s funny all anyone has to do is let go to be pulled into it’s grace. Let go of the drama, the idea that it’s “hard,” the endless stories about ourselves & others & getting even & needing to “do” something or get permission from X, Y, Z or even a “higher power.” This is the higher power, welcoming you, waiting for you to say “fuck yes, take me! I trust you.” Again and again, by sinking your awareness into this essence. The emotions kick up dust? Ok….return. The mind shits a brick? Cool…what’s beneath all that: presence, space, emptiness, the place every feeling(all we seek), condition, and thought come from. Needlessness. Ever present happiness. The only “thing” we seek on the human journey.

Don’t get it? No worries that’s another story. Beneath it is the presence that remembers. The idea is to let go of the stories & invest, with whatever sense of knowing that’s currently present, into that sliver of feeling, space, emptiness, however “it” shows up for you. Know it’s there. Know you can ALWAYS access it. Know it is you. Always. Beneath thought and emotion. No matter the mental frustration you can never be disconnected.

Begin bringing your dreams, inventions, relationships and characters into this essence to be refined.

Your mind begins to lean on this presence for security & serenity instead of fight or flight, instead of control and manipulation.

Life becomes an offering of joy because you’ve united with who you are. And that essence creates reality in harmony. As you deepen your relationship with this essence you begin to embody it. The real “you” emerges.

The “chase” for things is over and you didn’t have to climb a mountain to speak to a wise man, meditate 10,000 hours, read 11 books a day.

It’s not about abandoning your characters, they’re fun! It’s about molding and shaping this dream to fit who you are.

All relationships (w/money, love, ppl) stem from your relationship with yourself. Which begins as just a sense or feeling. Then expands as you play in this sandbox.

The more time you spend there, the more you magically become YOU. The world & your circumstances begin to surround you with the love, appreciation, and “things” that fit YOU. But it’s not magic. It’s simply your own majesty. Of course it seems magical. It’s literally too much to fathom. It could never have been figured out. It can only be experienced by you. Now. In days & weeks it deepens until you call it home. The mind rests. There are no limits. You witness limiting beliefs contract, then spill into the emptiness that is pure consciousness. YOU.

Here is where we join hands & light each other on fire.

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