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April 1, 2019

Let Us Speak Of Hope.

Someone said to me hope does not exist, it is ‘made up’ and that it’s ‘not really real,’ one should let go of it in order to have good in this life, that is: have no hope and become indifferent. But this is often because hope is defined as ‘expectation.’ Expectation is commonly rooted in demand, a manipulation to control an unknown narrative. But as I see it, hope is rooted in desire and more often a need for a breath of life to fill a darkness, amid the mystery, unknowing of what comes next in the story. And so; when one hopes, one is seeking to rise above a likely tragic outcome. Hope transcends tragedy.

So I whole heartedly disagree that it is ‘not real.’ Just because one cannot see it, does not mean it is non-existent. You see, one cannot be hope-less, or without it, unless there was hope to begin with, the two opposites battle one another. And hopelessness is the reality most of the world lives. It is something we have all experienced in the humanity of our pain. Hopelessness is the tragedy itself.

And indifference of such an emotion is not enlightenment. Instead, recognition of all the moving parts, acknowledgement that ‘everything is spiritual’ – from our bodies to our souls, it is all in fellowship with one another. Hope permeates our existence to get up another day, “to live and move and have our being.”

I have been in the trenches of urban war, and seen people flee who believed they were about to meet their end. Their expectation was death. They were shot at as they escaped, and some did not make it out alive. Those who did, they admitted to demanding their death. For existing in hell was not a great alternative. They were told Death would be their fate, anyway. They were told not to hope. Their expectation for the future was bleak, burrowed in rubble and under artillery fire. But they hung on, barely, in a small space of possibility, they could still live. And grasping to live, was all they had. They expected to die, but they dreamed of just enough light, so when it came time to run, they found just enough strength to run…toward freedom. Hope is what delivers mustard seed faith – to access our freedom. What is within, so expresses out.

Even the law of attraction or reciting positive affirmations in a mirror – are one practice, evident of hope. The Dalai Lama says losing “hope is our real disaster.” Hope embraces the human emotion of transcending pain and darkness into peace, joy, and healing. Sometimes we know what we hope for, sometimes we don’t, but hope should never be taken from someone. No one should be told hope is meaningless or unrealistic.

Hope is the life blood of survival, it is the energy that runs through the veins of love, it is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is the positive trajectory of forward movement. It is the sliver of possibility. When a person loses hope, they often lose the best of who they are and what they can become. So let us not lose hope and let us defy the impossible.

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Ash Gallagher

Ash Gallagher is a correspondent, journalist, a renegade beatnik storyteller and has worked worked with major networks and publications over the last 15 years. She shares an aesthetic poetic perspective about social justice, healing, the human condition and spirituality within the context of her work. She can be found @beatnikjourno on Instagram and Twitter.