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March 27, 2019

The Three Pillars of Healing

Healing is like a puzzle; many pieces need to connect before the puzzle is complete. Putting these pieces together is a task and a journey in its own, and every puzzle is entirely different.


Pillar 1 Body

The world’s population is suffering from an increase in health conditions; these messages have been ignored or masked by harsh medications not to mention the denial we have over the fact that our environment and how we are nourishing our bodies contributes to these issues at all. The reasoning behind the suffering is not punishment; it is a process of conscious awakening, tapping us on the shoulder informing us to become aware of our physical body. The symptoms we express whether physical, mental or emotional are all signs that we need to improve our diets, lifestyles and change our perceptions. Obviously to initiate true healing we need to delve deep within the metabolic systems to find the root cause of symptoms and health issues and implement protocols for physical, mental and emotional healing. However, following your great diet, exercise plan and healing protocol are never enough. Yes, it’s phenomenal to have this new awareness of our body, and the results you see and feel are incredible, but we then need to take things up a level to become fully healed.


Pillar 2 Mind

Awareness of the mind is becoming conscious of our thoughts and perceptions on life. The point of power is in the present moment not in the past or the future, yet we are so often thinking about our past or our future that we forget to enjoy the present moment. It is in the present moment that the changes take place.


You are the only person who thinks in your mind, no one else, so you have the power to create the next moment and all the rest to follow. You have the choice to keep thinking the same old thoughts, refuse to change and keep your problems, or you have the opportunity to replace the old cyclic thinking patterns that are getting you nowhere.


We all want our lives and situations to become more comfortable and better, but we don’t want to have to change ourselves, we would prefer our lives and circumstances changed. Once we change our inner perceptions only then will the outer world change. This practice takes time, think of it as exercising your brain, for instance, you can’t run a marathon if you haven’t put in the groundwork, so lose the expectations and be patient with yourself. After all, you are changing the subconscious patterning that is imprinted in you from the first seven years of your life. It is ok and completely normal for us to have emotions; in some cases, we need to dig deep to allow those emotions to be released and honored.


What is your perception of life? How do you perceive the world, people, or stress? If our understanding of a stressful environment changed than it changes our biology for the better decreasing the rate we age and promoting health. Toxic thoughts cause toxic chemical reactions in the body and tonic thoughts cause tonic chemical reactions in the body.

Here’s a tip; when you are feeling stressed or have had a streak of negativity, stop and take ten long deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth this lowers stress and cortisol levels and promote relaxation which makes it easier to become aware of our thoughts, minds, and bodies.


Pillar 3 Spirit

We are spiritual beings and as spirit have only ever experienced complete unconditional love, and divinity before we came into this world. We spend our whole lives searching for this unconditional love, divinity, and sense of belonging in which our souls yearn. It’s important to remember we were all put on this planet for a reason; we all have a higher purpose; we are connected to the divine and the universe in ways you could not imagine. Remembering who you are is to shine your light, and helping others remember who they are and help them shine their light is part of our mission. Some of us are lucky enough to know our life purpose, others it may take a little longer, but that is ok, sometimes we need to successfully get through the first two pillars of healing to reach our higher self.


Pillar one is an essential base to heal physically; this promotes purity of the body allowing all body cells, tissues and systems to function with ease. Once the body is at this level pillar two becomes much easier to accomplish. The more pillar two is put into practice, the more we act and make decisions from pillar three which is where we ultimately want to be.


Good luck, and remember you are the power in your world.


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Amy Pedersen-Hunt

Hi, my name is Amy Pedersen-Hunt, I am a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and integrated coach from New Zealand. My personal ambition is to help people reclaim their health and achieve optimal wellness all whilst supporting the body and minds innate healing ability.