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March 30, 2019

Three Steps To Get More Specific Information From Your Intuition.

I was arguing with my supervisor before the ‘download’ happened.  At the time I was a financial analyst in the Federal government.  My boss had just assigned me with massive task of figuring out how to collect our financial data to migrate it from one accounting system to another.  For perspective, the actual company our organization had hired to do our data migration opted out of helping us, saying our data was too complex.

“It’s not fair,” I was ranting.  “How do you expect ME to figure out when the professionals we hired couldn’t even–“

In the middle of my complaining a series of math formulas began dropping into my mind.  It was as if someone was downloading a movie into my thoughts.  I also began to see exactly what reports to use to pull data out of our accounting system, how to organize it, and how to use the formulas to simplify our information. After an awkward second of silence I went from complaining to my boss about what I couldn’t do to saying, “okay, I’ll do it.”

I sat at my desk and began writing out everything in my head.  As I did, more information came.  Using the information that came through I was able to help our staff migrate our data to the new accounting system.

I share this experience because so many people think small when it comes to intuition.  I didn’t a gut feeling or a generic ‘trust and believe’ message from angels.  I got clear insights about how to complete a task I didn’t think I could do.  This is the true power of intuition: being able to get specific information to make the impossible possible.  Right here, right now, each one of us is already receiving intuitive information to help us in all areas of our lives.  Yet most people’s brains are filtering out this intuitive insight.

The reason this happens is because the brain can’t handle the abundance of intuitive information coming through.  It filters out anything it doesn’t think is necessary.

It’s no different than being in a noisy restaurant with a friend.  Your brain will filter out the noise around you so you can focus on hearing your friend and not much else.  All of your intuitive hits become background noise to your brain—unless your brain thinks that information is important.  How does your brain know what’s important?  By what you tell it to focus on.

If you’re vague about what you want you want to experience then the intuitive insights you receive might be just as vague.

It’s not enough to say “I want a good job.”  There are infinite possibilities of how that might occur. Your intuition will start giving you information about all the ways you get ‘more money’ and your brain picks and chooses what it thinks is relevant to you and filters out the rest.  This can lead to unintended consequences if you have subconscious limited beliefs around self worth and self love.  I once had a client who every said she needed more money and wound up getting rear ended while she was driving—she received a lot of money in the insurance settlement. For this reason the first step in getting more specific intuitive information is to

  • Be clear about what you want to experience.
    By this I mean really being clear with what you want, and how and when you want it.  Intentions are even more powerful if you incorporate what you want to experience physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  Back to the job example, a more specific intention would be “I choose to accept a great job easily right now where I do the work I love in a way that inspires me and fills my heart with joy and gratitude and pays me even more money than I’ve ever earned before.”  The minute you focus with a clear intention your brain can grasp the intuitive insights you’re looking for.Being clear is about being honest with what you truly desire so that you align your human thoughts and intentions with your Spiritversus sending a mixed message into the world.  You don’t have to be super specific about any details you don’t care about or you genuinely aren’t sure about.  In the example above showing an intention I didn’t write out a specific job—if you were clear that you wanted to be a professional actor you would write that down as opposed to someone who wasn’t sure what their dream career was.

The second step to getting more specific information from your intuition is to

  • Get into the energy of your intentions.
    Take a few moments and imagine what it would be like if you successfully manifested your intention.  Really see it, hear it, feel it, even taste and smell it.  You will feel the change in your body when you’re in the zone of your intentions.

Once you are feeling your intentions, the last step to getting more specific information from your intuition is to

  • Ask your intuition questions about how to get what you want.
    The best questions are specific, focused on one subject, and time bound.  For example:“What’s the next step for me to take to get this outcome?”
    “What’s in my highest and best interest to let go of right now?”
    “What three things would help me the most right now?”(NOTE:  I always use now as opposed to today/this month/this year—there’s no telling how long a ‘day’ is in the intuitive realm since linear time does not exist to our spirit)

As you ask these questions your intuition will answer you.  It will be the very first impression you receive whether you hear it, get an image in your mind, are drawn to looking at something specific with your eyes, get a strong knowing, feel it in your body, or even recall something you encountered earlier.  If you’re not sure of the ways you receive intuitive guidance check out this great article by Elyane Youssef called “What Should I Do?  How To Listen and Follow Your Intuition”

The more that you consciously engage your intuition the stronger it gets until you reach the point where you don’t have to ask questions to get information, you will recognize and understand the downloads as they come.  Even when you’re in the middle of complaining to your boss about what you can’t do.

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