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April 27, 2019

Compassion is the understanding of lack of understanding

Compassion the highest form of Love

Love can be said to be the total giving of oneself without agenda; not asking for anything in return or holding anything back. Compassion then, as it is one of the highest forms of love, can be described as the understanding of unconsciousness. In another being, as well as in ourselves.

Compassion allows us to be loving and kindness even when an individual is under the aegis of the ego.

It has sometimes been said that ignorance or unconsciousness are the only problems we humans ever have to face. That is true. None of the harmful deeds us humans perform are done because we see to harm.

But simply because we, at the moment, lack the understanding to act in another way.

Most individuals are caught an illusion of lack and separation. It is projected onto our lives by the ego. Now the ego’s mantra is: I am not enough, and there is not enough.

Trapped in that misperception, an individual believes that the only way for them to be and have enough is to get it from the world. And so they move through life seeking worth and validation from the outside world. They live under the impression that they have to compete for it and to ultimately (hopefully) win it.

From this narrow perspective, hurting and harming others, seems legitimate since life is all about survival. That it is all about winning. This is the life in and with the ego.

Choice is a function of awareness

As we grow and expand spiritually. As we mature. As we come into ever greater and grander insights, we begin to realize that we live in a cosmos where there is nothing but abundance. There is only a Divine Whole. Within that whole nothing is separate from anything else.

Upon realizing this, we also begin to be aware that whenever someone is under the influence of the ego, there is no need for blame or guilt. They are simply more or less temporarily unconscious.

From this higher perspective, we realize the futility of placing blame when someone does something we are triggered by. They are merely reacting that way because the lack they the understanding to act in any other way. They have simply gone unconscious, and we happen to be in the vicinity of them at that moment.

Much in the same way we don’t blame a small child for not yet having learned to read, ride a bike or not make a mess when eating. We realize that they are in the process of learning. In that process, they have only learned what they have learned in any given moment.

It is said that choice is a function of awareness. This means that to be able to make a choice – we need to be aware that we get to choose. If we are not aware that we have a choice then effectively cannot make that choice.

Compassion is the understanding of lack of understanding

Compassion then is the understanding of this. It is the understanding that when an individual reacts as oppose to responds, they do so simply because they are not aware of the options.

They are not aware that there is another way. That they can choose to respond to a situation or circumstance with love rather than fear, worry or doubt. Obviously the same goes for us.

The best response to any situation, any circumstance, any individual is that of love and compassion.

Choose love and compassion over fear, worry, and doubt

And so, whenever we are faced with the ignorance or unconsciousness of another individual – we may gently remind ourselves that it has nothing to do with us. We need not ever take it personally. At this moment they are simply unconscious. And we just happened to be there to witness and experience it.

We may also remind ourselves that all is working for our good. As we encounter an unconscious individual, we get to practice being loving and compassionate. In other words, it is a great blessing in terms of growth and unfolding.

And so, rather than placing blame and guilt, playing out the victim card as to being the victim of another’s harmful actions – we may choose to pray for and bless them. We may choose to pray for their wellbeing, for their peace of mind.

We may call forth the perfect and Divine health that resides within each being. We may choose to take on the perspective that they too are on a journey and that they, in the process of waking up, of learning – are exactly where they need to be.

This is compassion. This is loving kindness in action. Praying, blessing and wishing someone well – even when what they do may seem harmful and hurtful.

The Love of God dwells within each of us, we simply need to become aware of it and choose it.


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