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April 29, 2019

Few Indispensible Strategies To Follow To Travel With Small Kids.

Parents who have small kids will definitely experience some issues that will slow them down even when they visit a grocery store to pick their daily essentials. However, this does not mean they will have to deprive them of the pleasures that life and the world have in store for them.

Especially, they do not need to postpone their travel plans until the time their kids grow up. Just imagine if you have one baby now and wait for him or her to grow for at least three years to travel again! If by chance, you have another that will mean six years of postponement. Phew! Quite a lot of time and a considerably big compromise to make!

Believe it or not, you can even travel with babies of 6 months old provided you make a proper plan beforehand. Well, surely you may not be able to enjoy riding on a horseback in Patagonia or may even not be able to party all night in a casino in Las Vegas or in a houseboat in Italy or go for hiking or biking in the mountains on an e-bike hired from any ebike rental but there are lots to do and enjoy during a trip with kids.

You do not have to resort to resorts only while travelling with young kids. You simply have to make sure that you:

  • Have a proper plan
  • Are intrepid and
  • Are ready to go with the flow.

A smart travel strategy will help you a lot in this regard whether you are flying or driving and not have to literally drag your children with you around the world.

Packing the essentials

Packing is the most significant aspect to focus on while travelling with kids. You will need to make sure that you have packed all the essentials for your kid or kids. These will include:

  • The wipes
  • The bottles
  • The long-lasting diapers
  • The medicines and
  • Special foods for kids.

Make a list of things to pack before the week of your travel as that will make sure that you do not miss out on anything essential for your kids and at the same time travel light. This will also ensure that the trip does not turn out to be your worst nightmare running out of baby wipes or food.

Carry good gear

You must ensure that you carry good gear and pay up for it while travelling with your kids. The gear to carry must include:

  • Strollers with or without an umbrella
  • Travel cribs and others.

Buy these when you reach your destination making sure that these are durable, light in weight and easy to assemble and portable in a large suitcase. Though this is time-consuming but it is worth an effort. You can donate these before you leave if you do not want to carry it back home or face hassles at the customs for carrying more than permissible weight. The charity done will give you a pleasant feeling which is priceless.

Ask for baby bed

If you have to take international flights for your trip make sure that you ask the airliners and ask repeatedly about the baby bed. Though on several international flights provides for free a baby bassinet which is like a cot that is attached to the wall in front of those bulkhead seats, you will need to book these in advance.

Also, make sure that you call up the airliner before the flight at least once just to confirm that they remember about the bed and have made proper arrangements to provide it to you. This effort will pay off in a huge way for your arms.


You must also make proper plans beforehand for the in-flight entertainment for your kids especially if you take on an international flight that can extend to several hours at a stretch. Changes in flights and stop overs will make it even longer making it a boring trip for your kids. Depending on their age pack the things that will keep them engaged during the flight and keep you as well as your co-passengers from being bothered or annoyed. These must include:

  • Crinkly books
  • Legos
  • Nesting toys
  • Small puzzles and
  • Small toys.

There are different toys and games that will keep kids occupied during a long flight. Surf through the internet and visit different online stores for that matter. Also, make sure that you carry over the ear headphones for your kids to sleep well because earbuds may not sit well in those little ears.

Place to stay

An adult can adjust in any place when it comes to finding an accommodation, even share accommodation but when you travel with your kids and babies you will need to find wither a kid friendly apartment or in a hotel suite.

Also care for other things in your accommodation such as:

  • Space
  • The place to cook or eat in
  • The safety and security aspect
  • The amenities that you can borrow or hire for your little ones and
  • Inbuilt entertainment.

However, where you stay will depend on your preference and budget.

Other things to care for

Apart from these basic ones, you will need to focus on a large number of other things as well when you travel with kids.

  • Make sure that you carry enough big black plastic garbage bags to keep the dirty laundry, snack trash and used diapers
  • A few grocery sacks to work as blackout curtains in bright rooms for your kids to sleep well and
  • A wad of painter’s tape that will not mark walls when you fix the grocery bags.

You must also gather and carry a lot of small bills that you may need for tips, luggage carts, vending machines and pay for the ebike rental. Remember, small people mean additional luggage and more help from the bellmen. They will make your trip easier and the bills will make it comparatively inexpensive. These bills include but are certainly not limited to checked bags, priority boarding and airline seats with extra legroom and more.

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