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July 26, 2019

What the Smudge is Spiritual Healing Anyway?

It’s getting really hard to deny that the Aquarian Age is happening.  The rise of the Divine Feminine, seekers, the new age movement, cosmic consciousness, the paradigm shift… Everywhere you turn, it’s there.  The “woo” lingo is being slung around on every social media and web-based platform.  Yoga studios are popping up on every corner.  But what does it all mean? What is “spiritual healing” anyway?

When we remove all the fluff and marketing, spiritual healing is simply learning how to BE. It’s a process where we activate and embody the beautiful, love energy that resides at the core of all living things. In order to gain clarity and quiet the chatter of what society tells us we are supposed to feel, this healing is about releasing the roles we’ve been playing and rediscovering our authentic self, our truth. It’s healing at a deep, cellular level.

Spiritual healing is transforming our essence and being, down to the molecules that make up everything that IS. Doing this work requires that we feel through our shadows and the darkness – the pieces of us that have gotten us to where we are; that have served us in the past, but now need to be let go so that we can BE who we are.  This healing allows us to clear out the blocks that inhibit the natural flow of energy in our bodies and spirits – the results of past traumas and emotional responses that haven’t been processed yet.  We work through the wounds that make us want to dissociate from our bodies and current reality, to escape into a world with less hurt.

This practice is about living into our natural gifts – all the things that make the ego mind uncomfortable; the “too much, too sensitive, too emotional, too intense.” It’s about really owning those parts of us that we perceive as weaknesses, and realizing they are our strengths.

Healing is about returning to love.

We are love.

We are light workers.

We are healers and teachers, of our own and for others.

We reignite the light within us that was snuffed out by the circumstances we have lived through in this lifetime and in past lifetimes.

By reigniting this light, we heal our families, our ancestral lines, our Earth, and each other.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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