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August 23, 2019

A Mystical Approach to Saving the Amazon and Humanity– Part One.

The Amazon is on fire. French President Emmanuel Macron has called for the Amazonian burn to be a top priority at the G7 Climate summit; and there are many critical things to discuss. Greta Thunberg, a teenage superhero took a racing sailboat to the summit, rather than an airplane– her dedication is more than inspiring; and yet the Amazon still burns.

It’s easy for those of us with zero power to feel quite helpless, especially seeing as the majority of us are not included in these top shelf discussions. If the leadership of the world can’t stop it, what can we do?

If we listen we can hear the magical Amazon calling all spiritual mystics to the table. Can you hear her calling?

All Shamans, all students, all Gnostic’s, all Gothics, all Poets, all Jews. Christians, Sufi’s, Muslims and Hindu’s, please hear our call; said the scientist along with all the furry and feathered friends, no longer with us, most importantly for the indigenous tribes who call the Amazon home.

If you have ever dreamt of traversing the upper worlds for the betterment of humanity, now is the time to get on board. If you have already participated within mystical transformations and transmutations, we need you to please come home.

Mysticism in general can be found in all religious traditions, from indigenous religions and folk religions like shamanism, to organized religions like the Abrahamic faiths and Indian religions, to modern spirituality.

Those who fear mysticism describe it as “woo-woo spiritual ball of light crap”, as my ex husband used to call it. But, if you are anything like me, you will do and try anything, to assure we heal ourselves and humanity even if that means facing criticism and judgment, or divorce.

I identify as a Jewish Mystic and yesterday while I was working, I accidentally dropped a pan of inflamed oil on my foot. From my toes back to the middle of my ankle is a 3rd degree burn and it was one big blister, until my dog Bernice jumped up and popped it with her nails. The last thing the pharmacist said as I was hobbled out of Rite Aid– “whatever you do, don’t pop the blisters”. I digress.

My daughters best friend was here when it happened, she came over the night before to stay because she didn’t want to be alone. The Amazon is on fire and she’s scared. I assured her as much as I could before we went to sleep; the climate crisis is a perfect parenting opportunity for breathing and meditation techniques. The morning plan was for her to help me make balls for market.

Right before she woke I began the process of scenting wool; and when she woke, we got to talking. She shared “there is a rumor circulating “teenage circles” that humanity has eight months to live”– of course I told her this is not true, but in their naive defense, 8 months to a kid is like 10 years to an adult. We sat for a minute in silence, both holding back tears when I remembered the oil on the stove.

The Amazon is on fire— and, I was so caught up in our conversation about it, I forgot the pan of melting oil and by the time I remembered, it was in flames. Not only is the Amazon burning, so is my kitchen. I digress, even further.

I ran and grabbed the pan off the stove and at some point, between getting it outside and extinguished, I spilled it all over my left foot. Didn’t hurt at the time– burns never do. Its afterwards that sucks. Seeing as I won’t be able to wear shoes for awhile, I had no choice but to cancel my weekend at farmers markets; and here I am restricted to my couch and words, for the hopeful benefit of humanity.

Miraculously, tonight in the Jewish tradition is Shabbat Eikev, also known as “the correction of the foot of Adam”. Without going into great biblical detail, from a Jewish mystical viewpoint this week’s Torah portion is for the purpose of identifying and cleansing the dark side of humanity; revealing light within the shadow that is spiritually associated with the feet and even more specifically, the heel.

Up until this summer, I listened to the Torah read every Saturday morning for the previous two years. I’m in the farmers market business, so my dedication had consequences, there are always markets on Saturday morning. This is the first Shabbat I have connected with the Torah on Saturday morning since March. There is a dedication correction within the study of mysticism, Bhakti yoga, eastern mystics call it — I have found it plays out across all mystic traditions.

In Kabbalah we make our individual and unified correction through connection with the Hebrew reading of the Torah on Shabbat (Saturdays) and subsequently, have the conscious tools to work with our own light and shadows, within our own minds and hearts.

In short this week Jewish mystics take responsibility for the foot of humanity, by correcting the darkness within ourselves, the darkness at the heel of who we are individually and collectively.

The correction is made first within our consciousness, understanding we all have hidden garbage; there is not one human alive who is without correction or stain. Once we correct ourselves, there is relativity in the correction of the collective. What happens to one happens to all. We are one and the same; we are all essentially the same Atom. If you understand this concept, you are a mystic and it’s time to get to work. Consciousness is everything.

Mystics know all humans are fundamentally good and the only thing that keeps the goodness from being revealed, is our illusionary darkness. So we correct and we change.

When love is present, everything unlike like love shows up so to be transformed.

The things that we can change may or may not directly affect the Amazon, but even one change in a behavior that is at our heels, is worth a pot of gold in the upper worlds (the mystic world).

From both a literal and figurative perspective, what is causing the Amazon fire is the “heel of humanity”.

It should be fairly easy for any of us to see all the bad guys out there causing this almost irreparable damage. Between Trump, Bolsonaro, palm oil companies and industrial farming which leads this intentional burn; it’s pretty clear who the heel of humanity is. Still, from a mystical perspective, we are One. We too, can make a difference.

Hatred lives at the foot of humanity. Situations like this, in times like this, is the purpose of mysticism, to remove hatred, to not play the game. Never make a deal with the devil.

Phenomenological occurrences, without the cognitive ability to pinpoint the cause, other than a universal love conspiring and uniting to make everything we think and intend, happen, is mysticism.

The timing of my burned foot and the subsequent Torah portion, is pretty miraculous, there is no denying it and as a mystic, I understand there is no such thing as a coincidence. I burned my foot, the Amazon is burning. I digress even further to the the foot of humanity.

So I correct, and I write this for every single creature small or large, human or not that faces death and destruction in the face of this fire, or any fire for that matter.

According to the theory of relativity there are infinite realms of possibility– as above, so below. A scientifically mystical term suggesting “as in the heavens, so on earth and vice versa”. If we can get there in our consciousness (our mind) we can get there in physicality. So, clearly our work is cut out for us. The Amazon is burning and millions of people and species are dying.

What can you do right now?

You can do whatever you need to do, personally, to cleanse everything we see in the “bad guys”; because truly folks, that’s all we can do.

We can only change ourselves, even in the face of all the horrible things happening in the world, we can only change our personal behavior. We must address the heel of our own character and willingly and lovingly make the changes necessary to affect the entirety of mankind. This, is how we change the world.

So while there isn’t a specific written magical formula to saving the Amazon and/or humanity, there is a mystical key at which we all hold.


Change the foot of our own transgressions and give a leg up to humanity and the Amazon, adding everything we have spiritually and otherwise, to the universal pull of love.

From my couch, with a bunk foot– I intentionally heal humanity; helping to put out the Amazonian fires by realizing my own transgressions, and doing the work to correct them. As above and within, so below and without.

Shabbat Shalom.

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