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August 15, 2019

An Untimely Love Story (Poem)

All motions ceased as her eyes found him. She swore the stars left their job, commanding the sky, to dance about his nose and cheeks. She caught his oceanic eyes, they were the shore she’d like to wake up on every morning. She wanted to dance in the golden drops of his sunlight and collect every seashell on the beaches of his skin. To bask in his moonlight and taste the moon tugging at his ocean would be sweet heaven.

How rare to stumble upon someone of his essence at random. Her mind fiddled with the possibility this was no coincidence. The universe was signaling they were meant to be together in some form or another.

As she was considering their place in this world, he already knew. He knew her hair was the kind he’d love to make a mess of to make her laugh and run his fingers through when she was upset. He wanted to absorb her. He needed to know every insignificant detail about this wonderful, hazel-eyed beauty. She silenced his soul. He wanted to keep her as a promise but, he could see her spirit. She wasn’t meant to be kept. She was meant to seek adventure. He couldn’t help but want to be the lucky soul who could stand alongside her.

For this love story, the timing would never be in their favor. Despite their magical moment of crossing, they would never become anything more than strangers in passing.

In some small place, in both of their hearts, they acknowledged that ugly detail. The hazel-eyed beauty, whose soul spilled out in waterfalls, continued on her way. She was curious as to how their laughter might’ve sounded all tangled up together.

The boy with bits of the meteorites on the bridge of his nose, returned to his walk, wondering how her smile might’ve curved when she spoke his name.

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