August 28, 2019

Some things that make you feel good about eating Dead Animal Flesh.


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Some symbols that make you feel good for eating dead animal flesh:

“Non-GMO feed”
All locally planted in massive monocultures, using pesticides that destroy soil and kill biodiversity. But no Amazon rainforest was deforested, just native European forests, don’t worry!

“Pro-planet, non-GMO”
It’s so good for the planet we write it twice to really greenwash you into thinking eating meat is not absolutely killing this planet.

Method of rearing: level 2”
Ultimate comfort for 23 chickens in one square meter, possibly some straw, no disclosure of daylight or outdoor access, antibiotic usage or treatment.

There’s no symbol about the (long!) transport to the slaughterhouse where the mutilation and torture of these innocent beings is ended with a painfully slow death (no painkillers?) because that could upset consumers…

Happy #meatlessmonday (yet another great incentive that makes us feel good for doing the absolute bare minimum).

Our current food system is build on:

Chemicals, gen-modification, food waste, factory farms, monocultures, fast, cheap, unhealthiness. Food is power and whoever cultivates and controls food holds that power.

Food is also transformative: a form of self-love and an act of resistance against the current exploitative system of the Earth, consumers, producers, animals. Reclaim this power.

Grow your own, know your farmers, eat homemade and organic, avoid animal products…Whatever you do, you’re a vote for the world you want to live in, and what your health is worth.


Read: “Eating Organic may be Harmful—The Truth Behind Organic Produce.”

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